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Hannah Gadsby on Taylor Swift, Ruby Rose and Adelaide Fringe injuries

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Comedian and “art nerd” Hannah Gadsby will be premiering her new stand-up show Dogmatic at Adelaide Fringe. Here, she talks about weird Fringe experiences, Taylor Swift, and her self-appointed role as actress Ruby Rose’s understudy.


Your 2016 Adelaide Fringe show is called Dogmatic – what’s it all about? Dogs? Dogma? Dogmatic Dogs?
Broadly speaking, it is about approaching life UNdogmatically. Specifically, it is about Taylor Swift and her hold of a generation of young women.
Who is it most likely crack up / be offended?
People who love Taylor Swift may have some issues. But we all have issues. Even Taylor.
You’re no novice when it comes to the Adelaide Fringe – what’s the strangest (or most “interesting”) experience you’ve had there?
I got punched through a bamboo fence once, so that was quite interesting. Discovering that the divide between the Fringe and the Clipsal is mere panda lunch.
What’s one thing you never travel to a show without?
My face. I think I have forgotten pretty much everything else at one point or another.
You’re a busy lady these days. TV actress, stand-up comedian, professional podcaster, Renaissance woman, unofficial self-appointed understudy for actress Ruby Rose … is there anything Hannah Gadsby can’t do?
Sing. Understand timetables. Reply to communication in a timely and effective manner. Pronounce anonymity. Chin-ups. Go home after one drink. Leave home after one drink. The splits. Make a bed like a nurse.
We’ve love your “battle to out-Ruby Ruby Rose” on Instagram. Do you know if Ruby loves it, too?
I don’t know. I am not sure she is even aware of it. I think it is more fun for me that she remains a mythical creature. It’s much easier to mock such a thing. Real human people have feelings I don’t want to hurt.
Hannah Gadsby – Dogmatic will be in The Factory, Garden of Unearthly Delights, from February 23-28 as part of Adelaide Fringe.
You can view more of her hilarious Hannah-as-Ruby-Rose-understudy photos on her Instagram account, and watch clips of her web series Renaissance Woman, short videos based on her live art lectures, on YouTube
This article first appeared on Adelaide’s InDaily

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