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Guy Montgomery Does Not Check His Phone for an Hour (Melbourne Comedy Festival)

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The title of this show was enough for me. The tension that a Millennial would feel in not looking at his screen for a whole hour sounded a funny premise around which a show could revolve.

The New Zealand comic (latterly located in New York), Guy Montgomery has a gentle manner. This is not super aggressive in your face offensive stand up. Although he occasionally lets fly, he mostly just talks…

..and talks. There’s a slight nervous air about Montgomery that shows in that he how he never really pauses for effect. It’s like he’s not always sure of his material.

It’s one of the few off-kilter aspects of his show in what is a very good set of material. The phone premise is well used, but not bludgeoned to death and there’s a prop or two to assist. He has some good material on making the big life/career move to the USA and how tough that has been.

Montgomery is deft at handling audience interaction too, and it was funny in itself to see him break up as someone in the audience giggled uncontrollably. A lot of his stuff feels like it’s off the cuff, although you’d assume he’s prepared the bulk of it.

Many of his jokes focus on the small incongruous details that when highlighted show the ridiculousness of any situation. It’s reasonably gentle good fun. That’s not to say it lacks force, just that it’s the sort of comedy that focuses on situations, rather than put downs or offence for its power.

Guy Montgomery plays until the April 21 at the Melbourne Town Hall

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