GALLERY – Archibald Prize 2016 finalists and one win for ‘Masterchef’

Who is competing for the $100,000 Archibald Portrait Prize? Below are some of the highlights from this year’s 51 finalists announced today.

But one winner has been announced already. The $1500 Packing Room Prize is decided by the Art Gallery of NSW’s packing room staff led by head packer, Steve Peters, who gets 51% of the vote and the final say — a position of power he’s held for 25 years.

Peters and his staff can usually be relied on to choose a subject who’s a well-known celebrity — and this year it’s Masterchef host George Calombaris in a painting by Betina Fauvel-Ogden. That painting (see below) is also one of the finalists in the Archibald Prize.

Among the 51 finalists (from over 800 entries) are portraits of comedians, actors, artists and art dealers.

One of the nominees is Lewis Miller who has now notched up 18 Archibald nominations including one win in 1998. Miller’s entry this year is of retired judge Bernie Teague. Miller was the recent host of a Daily Review portrait painting Masterclass, aptly titled ‘Aiming for Archibald’.

Peter Wegner who hosted the July 9 Daily Review Making Your Mark Drawing Masterclass was nominated for his portrait of the esteemed artist John Wolseley.

You can see all shortlisted works at the Art Gallery of NSW from July 16 and here.

Featured image: Natasha Bieniek’s ‘Wendy Whiteley’ oil on wood 13.5 x 18.5 cm

3 responses to “GALLERY – Archibald Prize 2016 finalists and one win for ‘Masterchef’

  1. I vote for Wendy Whitely – both the subject and the artist’s portraiture of her, slightly defensive in front of her garden, are worthy of a place in the ranks of Archibald prizewinners.

  2. While I acknowledge that it is the art being judged, there is also the added exposure of the subject which comes with such a competition as the Archibald Prize. In this line up there are two women subjects out of fifteen subjects altogether, a ratio that is a bit better than the representation of women in sport in the media which is more like one percent. To positively address this unbalanced representation, why not have a year in which all subjects must be women?

  3. I have a theory about the Archibald and the sheer lack of real quality it presents. As its the MOST known art event in Australia it should be the BEST! In fact we all know that it is one of the worst. So much dross entered and hung and even sometimes winning. Really Folks the bulk of this looks like what I used to mark at Art School. Sure some can paint but their work is so unexciting and stolid, obviously they don’t study properly the great realist portraits of past centuries of the 20th.

    BUT what i want to say is that this Prize is so bad it drags all Australian Art down. Its been said every year but its so true. I mean I am happy for Contemporary Art to go down the toilet as by this late stage it deserves too BUT I am old fashioned and want MUCH MORE from trad painting. This Prize should opened up to International entries, now that would really start something. But let’s face it little Provincial Australia just doesn’t have the nous to think in innovative ways. Well our Govt waged Gatekeepers don’t have the nous much less the interest quite frankly

    The Wendy Whitley will probably win and that would be the very WORST Imants Tillers work I’ve ever seen…and he’s always been my Fav Australian artist!.


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