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Flo and Joan review (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

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Flo and Joan are sisters who don’t look anything alike from the UK. They do musical comedy – which as they say is not super cool – but they’re funny and very good at it. They came to notice via their 2016 Song and their show is more of the same, and sillier.

With just a piano and a beautifully played shaker (never underestimate how hard it is to shake that thing in time over a whole set), F&J combine wicked words and dorky music. You have to listen carefully – their  sweet cadence lulls the mind somewhat to the sharpness of many of their songs. It’s sort of Gilbert and  Sullivan-like as the sweetness of their harmonies rings clear and is sharpened by the bounce of their ridiculous rhymes and razor-like lyrics.

Between songs they reply to some of trolling they have received from around the world culminating in a song written to the young daughters of one delightful fella who was particularly rude to them. They’re not nasty in their responses, just measured and pointed without descending to a fight.

Flo is on piano and her delivery is dry as tumbleweed in Death Valley while Joan has a lighter, but just as sharp a touch. The contrast adds extra flavour to the songs and interludes that cover (but are not limited to)  sexual politics, feminism, Brexit and men.

Flo and Joan are on until April 21

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