First World White Girls: Botox Party (Melbourne Comedy Festival)


Speakeasy HQ is an entirely appropriate venue for the First World White Girls. Speakeasy bills itself as the home of vaudeville and these girls are very showbizzy. In fact, you might even call their show a musical, and a very funny one.

The White Girls sing their way through an hour of first world problems accompanied by a piano. Their songs are witty, silly and amusing (with some of the music appropriated from well-known songs). They ask the audience to offer their own first world problems and and the winner is someone whose “craft beer won’t fit in the car cup-holder”. You can see where this show is coming from.

There are songs about labiaplasty and adopting “brown babies”. It’s all pretty damn crass and funny and is easy, straightforward comedy played for lols.

First World White Girls are on at Speakeasy until the April 22


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