Fern Brady (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

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On her second trip to Melbourne, the near impenetrably accented Scot Fern Brady is mad and woke and not about to sit back and let things slide.

A former stripper and teenage Goth she is angry – about the patriarchy, Brexit and the attitude that people have that bisexuality isn’t really a thing.

Brady’s observational material focuses on these rich veins of source material, as well as her family and others who react poorly to her proclaimed bisexuality. She’s deadly accurate and funny (a group of millennial women a couple of seats away from me were nearly in tears of laughter all show).

Clutching a copy of a recent Asperger’s diagnosis tight and using it as an excuse to have no filter – thoughts rush out as she talks – Brady ranges seemingly at random around topics.

She is fine tuning her show on its second outing in Melbourne, but she has recently spent enough time in “Radelaide” to know how to take the piss out of the city of churches, and knowing that we will lap it up. She contrasts Melbourne’s modernity and laughs at Adelaide’s seeming disdain to her risque jokes.

It’s funny but her stick-it-to-everyone attitude is not as confronting as you (or she) might think. Rather, it’s in tune with what is happening globally. Her delivery and personal take on feminism, sexuality and white privilege is what is coming from her Goth days perspective is what sets her act apart. There is no, or little at least, self-sympathy either. She knows how to dish it out and by implication take it on board too.

Brady’s comedy is informed by all the hot-button topics and themes dominating the zeitgeist, but isn’t dominated by them – good old-fashioned jokes are always front and centre.

Fern Brady is at ACMI Cube until April 21

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