Victoria | Performance

The Toorak Rules

Start Date : November 13, 2019
End Date : October 24, 2019

Venue : St Martins , 44 St Martins Lane, South Yarra

Following the success of Monash in Love, and War at Chapel off Chapel , the second play by Andrew Joseph,
The Toorak Rules opens at St Martins on November 13, through to November 24; Directed by Sarah Grenfell
and starring Ezra Bix.

For those of you who recall the years 1958/1962, much of the content of this play will strike a chord.
And for those who don’t, come and see how things were in Toorak when the Catholic/Protestant divide
was at centre stage, when marriage was unquestionably first and foremost in the minds of most young
women, and “political correctness” meant only that you voted for a conservative party!

In those days, everything was as black and white as the images on the TV screens. Nonetheless, there were
some signs of the radical social changes that were to occur in the mid 1960s, and beyond.

In many senses, 1950s senior Melbournians seemed to look back, rather than forward. “The War” (WW2)
and the Great Depression still exerted a powerful influence on the older generation who had lived through them.

Passionate romantic love, betrayal, conflict and loyalty are all examined and tested in “The Toorak Rules”.
It contains a genuine exploration and interrogation of the social fabric of times now 60 years past.