Perth | Performance

Animal Farm

Start Date : September 3, 2020
End Date : September 27, 2020

Venue : Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA , Level 1, 182 William Street, Perth WA 6000

Company : Black Swan State Theatre Company

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George Orwell’s classic gets adapted by playwright and social commentator Van Badham. Animal Farm is showing for most of September 2020 under the umbrella of Western Australia’s Black Swan State Theatre Company.

Orwell’s work often concerns itself with the threat posed by authoritarian regimes, and Animal Farm tells the story of a thinly veiled imitation of the Russian Revolution set in a farmyard. Badham’s twist is enacted by a cast of comedians and improvisers who serve as her allegories for Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, just as Orwell’s pigs did.