Enough with your excuses – here's eight reasons to see Star Wars now

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is approaching $2 billion in box office takings worldwide, so there are not many moviegoers in the western world who haven’t seen it — except for the holdouts.

You know the type:

“I’m Not A Fan Boy”

Sure, Star Wars does have a crazy fan following but you don’t need to own a lightsaber, or be fluent in Wookiee to be part of the audience.

Star Wars has always been intended for everyone; kids, adults, men and women. Even if the original movies were skewed towards the lads, there’s a greater gender balance in The Force Awakens which puts everyone in the audience at the centre of the action.

“I haven’t seen any of the other Star Wars movies”

It’s fair to assume that you need to have seen the previous six films, but you would be wrong. The Force Awakens easily stands alone. Yes, there are references to the original triliogy, but you won’t miss any of the fun, or feel lost if you haven’t seen them.

“I’m Over It”

Yes, its marketing has been heavy. Everyone is talking about Star Wars and everyone’s going to keep talking about Star Wars, so you’d better get used to it.

But have you fatigue from holding out too long? At the very least you should see it to relieve your pain. If you’re still over it once you’ve seen it, just think of a whole new world of conversation open to you.

“I Hate Modern Blockbusters”

Many people who would rather poke their eyes out than sit through the brainless CGI bombast of a Transformers or a Fast & Furious movie.

Star Wars is certainly not an art house film, but you might be more than pleasantly surprised by the approach they have taken.

Not since the ’80s will you have seen a blockbuster with such a retro aesthetic. It’s shot on film, its clever use of CGI doesn’t detract from the experience, it has a beautiful John Williams score, it has solid performances (particularly Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver), and has all the hallmarks of classic blockbusters that many people have loved from childhood.

“Sci-Fi – No-Way!”

You’ll be pleased to know there’s no science in this fiction. It’s a straight-up action and adventure soap opera set in a galaxy far, far away with moments of humour and some cool surprises. It’s a hybrid of so many things, that just hating any one genre is not a strong enough reason to refuse the opportunity to see it.

“There’s No Rush — Won’t It Be Released Again and Again?”

If it’s anything like the rest of the Star Wars films, yes, it will be released and re-released time and time again. But there’s nothing like seeing a blockbuster on the big screen during its original run.

It’s also time to see it before the rest of us watch it on Blu-Ray (rumoured for April 2016 release), see the Star Wars anthology film Rogue One (December, 15 2016), see Star Wars Episode 8 (December 15, 2017), and most probably have visited Disneyland’s new Star Wars World theme park.

The Star Wars phenomena is hitting light-speed, so with years of films ahead, it’s time to get on-board.

“I’m Still Not Over those Prequels!”

This would be a very valid excuse had The Force Awakens not corrected virtually every mistake those prequels made. TFA looks right, it feels right, there’s no Jar Jar, Midichlorians and No CGI overload.

Disney has air-brushed the sins of the past A Blu-Ray or a digital box set with only episodes 1, 2, 3 and 7 would be a much better option than a complete set including the prequels. Let’s all do ourselves a favour and not speak of the prequels again.

 “Is It Really Any Good?”

Yes it is! From fans to first-timers, six to 60 year olds, you’ll be hard pressed to find a genuinely bad word spoken about The Force Awakens. With almost 40 years of Star Wars history to draw on, Disney has learned from the mistakes, built on the successes and crafted a universally appreciated winner.

Marketing only gets you so far. That TFA is still in cinemas and breaking records so many weeks after its release means it’s fair to deduce that it’s not only a good film, but one of those rare, pop cultural moments that people will keep talking about years from now.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will leave the big screen soon — so now’s the time to stop your procrastination and succumb to the inevitable!

5 responses to “Enough with your excuses – here's eight reasons to see Star Wars now

  1. I took my 11 year old son to see it and 20 minutes towards the end there was a power blackout. He is a Star Wars fan and has seen all the movies multiple times but he has not shown any desire to see TFA again which I think is an indication of how boring the film was. It was simply a rehash of the same tired old story – tedious, insulting and a waste of money!

  2. I took my 11 year old daughter to see it and she loved it. It was her Star Wars introduction and has since seen all the other movies a couple of times each – The Legacy Continues. I did enjoy it as well – all or almost all is forgiven for the prequels. We intend on going to see TFA again as she now has a greater appreciation of the story.

  3. It seems very formulaic – big sense of deja vu that we were watching an updated version of Star Wars. Way too many things were lifted from the original. Harrison Ford was average, Carrie Fisher couldn’t move her mouth (face job gone bad?), and the new Darth Vader was a bit young to be threatening. Disappointing.

  4. I saw Star Wars and was looking forward to it. I was very dissappointed. The film just has no real excitement apart from the beginning. The characters seem wooden apart from the black Sormtrooper in the ebginning. The new droid is great fun. But after this it drags. OK the new small weird Asian like lady is good but the old characters are just dull. And the end chase is average at best. Like Spectre this is a very dissappointing film.


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