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Dutton: What fresh hell can this be?

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What fresh hell can this be? Ah Dorothy Parker, if only it were so. This is not a fresh hell formed in the political world of Canberra. This is a cycle of ambition and revenge. This is a scene from Dante’s Inferno. This is the raw lust of Shakespeare’s players who strut upon the stage, while the audience, we mere onlookers, watch resignedly as hypocrisy is given new flesh, where loyalty is tossed around like a feather in a gale.    
We are watching another repeat of the reality show Political Leadership. This time it is members of the Liberal-National Coalition fighting each other in the captain’s tower. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, usurper himself against Tony Abbott, finding himself surrounded by assassins, calls a partyroom spill. He wins by the numbers 48 to 35. 
But he lost. For surely he has lost his status and stature by the closeness of the count. He had the authority to declare, come on all ye who want my job, but now his authority rests on a wing and a prayer, of no more defections. Do not ask for whom the polls comfort, they do not comfort him.
His pretender to the throne Peter Dutton has taken his thwarted ascendancy to the backbench, where he will sit with the one Turnbull deposed – Tony Abbott. Enemies on the outer, but inside the building. It is the worst kind of peace.
This is not a party of common cause. This is not one hand on the tiller of the ship of state. When many clasp it, how can it go in one direction? It is without direction. It is adrift. And if it is adrift so, too, is the country. We went through this with Labor during the Rudd-Gillard years. Everything it seems is broken.
Surely, it can be only a matter of time: Dutton will appear over the body of Turnbull and he will recite the words of Brutus, on the death at his feet of Caesar:
People and senators, be not affrighted.
Fly not. Stand still. Ambition’s debt is paid.
A few months ago, Dutton told The Guardian: “Of course I want to be prime minister. One day. I think it’s best to be honest about that, that’s an ambition long-held and is only realistic if stars align and an opportunity comes up.”
An admirable honesty, and there’s no harm in it. But then last Saturday, when even blind Freddie could see the stars were aligning, he proclaimed his fealty to his leader.  “In relation to media stories today, just to make very clear, the Prime Minister has my support and I support the policies of the Government. My position hasn’t changed from my comments last Thursday.”
And then it did.

If Dutton does ascend to PM, what then does it say of the nation’s direction? This is the man who opposed same-sex marriage and boycotted the apology in Parliament to the stolen generations.

How then also the perceptive qualities of some? The leader of the lower house, Christopher Pyne, believed the cabinet was 100 per cent behind Turnbull, “including Peter Dutton. He’s a very valued colleague, a good friend, he’s very competent. I don’t believe he’s doing anything to change the leadership of the party.”
Indeed. The forlorn hope expressed this benighted time came from Liberal senator Linda Reynolds. “I’m confident that all my colleagues share the knowledge that disunity is death.”
As Nationals MP Darren Chester said, perhaps with an eye to miracles: “I would simply say to my colleagues, the circus has to stop.”
But it won’t. This is the circus of modern times. This is hell that has become a joke.
If Dutton does ascend to PM, what then does it say of the nation’s direction? This is the man who opposed same-sex marriage and boycotted the apology in Parliament to the stolen generations. This is the man who can treat asylum seekers with such disdain that all compassion has leached into the soil. 
Wherefore my country?



33 responses to “Dutton: What fresh hell can this be?

  1. Thats such a GREAT photo of The Dut. I can see the posters now, that photo with the words YOUR FUTURE underneath.

  2. His ascent would be as much an indictment of our political processes as it would be of our capitulation to the ordure of his policies and, perhaps, confirmation of our lack of confidence in politics generally.

    1. Not wishing to be a pedant, Demise, but the work you quote are not Shakespearean. Shakespeare never wrote or said “Oh what a tangled web we weave / When first we practice to deceive.” The line belongs to Sir Walter Scott, from his 1808 poem Marmion.

  3. Just a reminder … this is democracy at work and whilst the merry-go-round hasn’t stopped turning since John Howard’s time the alternative to this is either a dictatorship or extreme socialism a la Moscow (which is virtually a dictatorship). And also, please note, the politics of other nations who use a much easier and quicker way of eliminating their leaders. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with it.

    1. The Russians are not socialists. They are fascists, whereby an elite group preside over all for the betterment of certain industrial mates. hmmm, sounds suspiciously like some so-called capitalistic democracies.

  4. Exchanging a Dud for a Dut…that is the question? For sure we have seen a parade of PM’s whose ambition far exceeded their abilities.
    Ruddster….a sociopathic nerdface who could not make a decision; Gillard….a plausible usurper who ticked all the boxes except competence…..Abbott…..the mad monk got his rocks off doing stoopid stuff and then seeking absolution…..Marvellous Malcolm…a big brain with bigger opinion of itself with pathetic political nous and judgement.
    We could have had a drovers dog….Dut’s the way it is…

    1. Actually Gillard was VERY competent at passing legislation, even though she presided over a minority government. She makes Abbott, Malcolm & their ministers, including Dutton, look like amateurs in negotiating and garnering support for a legislative agenda.

      1. Yes indeed! I didn’t like her, but she was very capable. So of course, she had to go. Like all the other ratbags since. We are swirling around the plughole of political leadership. They get worse and worse. Dutton? Give us a break!

      2. How accurate is this about Gillard, written in February 2013, …….for ye who have such short memories:
        Quote: “The designer OPSM glasses have not worked. Rather than a comely headmistress, PM Gillard is looking more like Bambi in the gun sights of a body politic itching to squeeze the trigger.
        The trail of droppings leading to Rooty Hill each have a distinctive shape, yet common stench of political hubris and acrid incompetence.
        They say you can’t polish a turd. What could you do with a whole field of spoor like these? The mining non-tax, the Slipper debacle, the Thompson scumbag, a load like Swan’s deficit, people smugglers galore, Nauru & Manus trots, the Malaysian ring of fire, Wilkie from a great height, the AWU boys from Fitzroy, the live cattle steamer, and the Rudd dump.
        In the series of media stunts which pass for political discourse in our fair land – the road to Rooty Hill is we pray – Gillard’s last ride.” Endquote

    1. You have to bring your own set to a Liberals gig.
      Greens and Labor give you a set and Nationals get theirs when they’re done with their milk teeth.

  5. What really is happening to Australian Politics. This type of Individualists Liberalism is a decay. I think it is time to groom new leaders from mostly with Asian and other Multicultural backgrounds. This Oligarchy is are failing honestly

  6. Whsat a load of shit! All these Shakespearian allusions are worth naught! He’s just a hard-nosed Aussie politician who realises what the country needs, strong government and firm borders. Let’s hope he wins!

    1. If he wants ‘strong government’, why is he destabilising the government in favour of his own ambition? If he wants ‘strong borders’, why does he abandon his portfolio? If he cares about Australians, why does he usurp their will by undermining the leader they voted for? None of this creates ‘strong government but only cynical government. You talk big, but it is you that are naive, unlike McFayden and Shakespeare. To look to literature is to see that Dutton is just repeating a script that many have attempted, and he too will be ‘hoist on his own petard’.

    2. I hope he wins. He’s so incompetent and cruel, he will lead the Libs into oblivion for a generation, perhaps forever. Speed the day.

  7. What rubish.
    Fake news.
    This is robust democracy at work.
    Tough men that we need in the job of running a country.
    Politically correct idiots like canadas Trudeau stay away and let Australia have free speach that does offend!

    1. it’s ‘politics’! whaddaya want a permanent one-party state? Dutton was right to oppose the divisive hyperbole of that ‘stolen’ bollox, too…plus he’ll pull back ‘immigration’ from the crowded brown ‘second world’ we are sliding to…

    2. It is not robust democracy to have a man that is in a seat with less than 2% of his electoral vote running the country. It is indicative of a small but potent group holding the party to ransom, and so the rest of the country, in order to make the citizens cower to their harsh and indifferent policies.

  8. I have to think that in this day and age that anyone who is contemptuous of Global Warming is somewhat adrift upstairs, and indeed the whole group, the extreme right of the Liberal party, warming deniers every one, seem prepared to sacrifice their party and leadership of Australia in service of this madness, mad is what mad does I suppose, but Dut baby has a history,

  9. We have the politicians we vote for. Whingeing about the state of politics is just an admission that those of us who despise the policies of these conservative right wingers haven’t done enough to convince others of our view. If anything should get is off our collective arses the prospect of Dutton PM should.

  10. Not Dutton, please God no! Have things got this bad?
    I’ve heard of scraping the bottom of the barrel but this
    is digging into the dirt underneath it.
    There should be an IQ bottom limit to becoming PM.
    The only worse PM option would be the Mad Monk.
    This is embarrassing for all Australians.

  11. Isn’t it Murdoch who really wants Dutton in the top job and is working behind the scenes to at least unstable Turnbull enough to make that happen!!!

  12. I assume “strong borders” is code for “no Muslims, no blacks, no foreigners, just good decent British stock”. Hurrah for the Empire…it is still around somewhere, isn’t it?…….

    1. Indeed, the Empire upon which the sun never set…… forgot to add the white South African farmers.
      Oooops…… I should not really support the mass immigration of the SA white farmers unless and until their sons form gangs in Melbourne and start trashing community centres as a sort of rite of passage to Australia.

  13. Re the Au pair women Dutton has spent thousands on covering up who they were, and now the talk of being paid $5M through his wife’s childcare centres, QUESTION: Did the au pair women work at his wife’s childcare centre?

  14. Like the USA this country is in a democratic malaise,,a situation that is a hopeless mess , we had Abbott as PM who did not have any idea how to run a country , a negative useless man , no policies at all , then we get Turnbull , a remnant of the days of the HIH crisis a Larry Adler financial advisor who did some bad advising there ,,all he wants to do is help the rich ,like Trump give massive tax breaks to the rich , while allowing the crooks running our financial institutes to rip off the people as revealed in the current Royal Commission, no help for the masses , So now they want him out because he tried to help the atmosphere a bit all the c23ts on the backbench and there are a lot of them the worst lot of incompetents you could ever see in one place at the one time and now we are faced with the prospect of one of the ugliest bigots ever elected to the house Dutton God help us if they choose him ,but if they do I am certain Labor will romp in next election and they have plenty of good people to run the place properly , Please ALLAH !!

  15. It appears we are to have a human potato as PM,
    and that is his only redeeming trait, my god that party is clueless.
    Spud for PM!
    God help us.

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