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Dear Your Eminence Cardinal Pell

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At the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse:


Dear Your Eminence Cardinal Pell,
You look and travel contemptuously well!
(Chauffeured cars, bodyguards)
In Rome, far from home,
Video linked and live —
Who would guess you’re
Nearly seventy-five!
Still a 190cm lunk
Of pink footy monk.

What a relief to hear you confess
You knew nothing, nothing! — and then name
Archbishop and bishop, dead and dying;
Them! They’re the ones to blame
For the sick and sorry, stinking mess,

Who “deceived” you, and failed to act, or tell
On the rats you failed to smell
Preying around your very cell.
‘It’s a sad story and it wasn’t
of much interest to me,’ said Cardinal Pell.

(Lord, bless the children
Who grew up in hell.
Some survived broken,
Others just broke and fell.)

Your motto, Nolite timere, is LOL:
“Do not be afraid.”
I wish I
could wish you well,
But that would be a LIE,
Dear Your Eminence Cardinal Pell.

Coat_web of_arms_of_George_Pell

The crest of Cardinal Pell

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5 responses to “Dear Your Eminence Cardinal Pell

  1. The Royal Commission it would appear identified Cardinal Pell in some way responsibile for the abuses that could have been stopped had he stood up for the victims instead of the priests. The stories of abuse by Risedale in particular, including children as young as four over a very long period, are surely sufficient to expect that the Commissions findings will lead to charges against Cardinal Pell.

  2. What a shameless lot, child and other abuses have been going on in that church for 2014 years with the knowledge of every pope, priest and a lot of other people. As the saying goes, god did not create man, it’s the other way around! Its amazing what humanity puts up with in the name of man created fairy tales!.Pell just showed how little that lot cares about anything, but their wellbeing! Shame on them and all the other man made religions!

    1. As the saying goes, god did not create man, it’s the other way around!
      Thanks for that Eric, I will remember that.
      It floors me that people still worship in that church. What a disgusting state of affairs it is. I am so grateful I was not born catholic, there but the grace of my widowed Mother, I could have been in one of their dammed institutions.

      1. It’s worthwhile never forgetting it.
        Try Googling “man created god in his own image”, and then select images.
        One theme which dominates the results is the rejoinder – “intolerant, sexist, homophobic and violent”

  3. George Pell expresses words of remorse. He can do better and take action that demonstrates remorse. He could resign as a cardinal and he could walk away from the catholic church. There is no law that requires him to be associated with that flawed institution for a moment longer.

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