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Dear Tristian: Help! My mate is becoming a politician!

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4 responses to “Dear Tristian: Help! My mate is becoming a politician!

  1. Tristian’s work is generally pretty amusing and it’s great to see someone so young really engaging in politics and public debate but can someone please give him some coaching in spelling and grammar? It’s atrocious!

  2. Yep, my thoughts exactly. I have wondered whether he does the horrible spelling thing deliberately to show that he’s really just one of the kids, albeit a pretty precocious one. If it is deliberate, he should stop; the effect is grating and annoying and quite detracts from what he’s trying to achieve.
    If, though, it’s the case that his grasp of what I assume is his native language is so tenuous, I think that if I had anything to do with Strathfield Secondary College I’d be asking Tristan not to broadcast the fact that that’s where he goes to school.

  3. Good value – well done. But as the others are saying the spelling is pretty useless. I don’t want to sound like a parent but you could at least try to not make the national standard worse if readers don’t know better themselves – suggest you start by learning the difference between “their” and “they’re”.

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