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David Williamson on fact, fiction, Trump and Clinton

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Daily Review is asking notable artists for their views of the the two major US presidential candidates and their appeal (or not) as subjects of an artistic work. First artist up is playwright David Williamson who thinks that most of our world leaders are “reptilian brained psychopaths”.


Which artist would you like to see become President of the United States?

Martin Sheen. After seven seasons of The West Wing playing a left liberal President he encountered every possible moral dilemma and would thus be unusually well prepared to offer sane left liberal policy, which appreciates how morally complex such decisions, are and how simplistic, far right solutions make matters infinitely worse.

Can you  imagine any likely changes in our world if artists, rather than lawyers and entrepreneurs, ended up in political power?

Given the enlightened time in office of the Czech playwright Vaclav Havel, I can only assume the world would be a lot less distorted and catastrophic than the one driven by the reptilian brained psychopaths who rule much of the world today.

Do you have any design ideas for The White House?

The West Wing sets looked better than the real thing. Bring in that designer.

If Donald Trump were a work of fiction, which writer would have have created him?  

Bram Stoker to follow up his Dracula success by giving us an even more frightening monster.

If you could ask Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton one question about their artistic taste that would seal your vote one way or the other, what would it be?

Do you like rap or heavy metal?

If you could have the opportunity to write a show about either Trump or Clinton, which would you choose? 

Hillary; flawed, complex, too beholden to Wall Street, but I suspect still genuinely wanting a fairer, more compassionate world. Birgitte Nyborg in Borgen was similar.

If Vladimir Putin and Trump shared a house on a reality TV show who would you like to see as a third housemate? 

Barack Obama, so we could fully appreciate how hideous both of them are.

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