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Daily Review mightily appreciates the kindness of strangers

Daily Review launched a reader support campaign last November in the hope that this temporary measure would get us through some tough times as advertisers increasingly put their funds into Google, Facebook and their own marketing websites. But alas, asking readers for support is the new normal. In the last six months things have got tough for huge media organisations like Fairfax and The Guardian, and even tougher for minnow publishers like us.

Arts journalism is being hit particularly hard which is why we ask you to consider helping us to continue to provide an independent voice for Australian arts and culture. We like to think that our two full time staff, our band of dedicated contributors and our passionately opinionated commenters provide something unique in Australian arts coverage – and our recent nomination for an inaugural Walkley Award for Arts Journalism suggests we might be doing something right.

We thank those readers and advertisers who believe that the arts “ecology” depends on an independent, robust arts media.

Mainstream publishers are reducing their arts reporting – both Fairfax and The Australian have shed numerous arts writers in the past few weeks. Meanwhile, Daily Review continues attempts to connect the dots between all art forms by providing a lively curation of news, reviews and commentary. We provide this to our arts-savvy 150,000 unique readers a month while also providing a place for practising artists to communicate to the arts audiences who buy tickets to their shows or buy their books.

We thank those generous readers and advertisers who’ve stayed with us believing that the arts “ecology” depends on an independent, robust arts media; where a multiplicity of voices and opinions can be heard; and where arts companies subsidised by taxpayer funds can be both scrutinised and celebrated. You just can’t get that kind of engagement by looking at an arts company’s ticketing website.

We don’t ever plan to construct a Trumpian paywall for readers, but now it is easier to voluntarily support us on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. This new system was provided to us by an anonymous and generous Daily Review reader who got frustrated with our previous clunky payment system. If you kindly donated to us last year, we hope you might be encouraged to renew your support — and if you didn’t, please consider doing so now. Like Blanche DuBois, we depend on the kindness of strangers.

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Featured image: Morgan David Jones and Cate Blanchett in Sydney Theatre Company’s A Streetcar Named Desire

5 responses to “Daily Review mightily appreciates the kindness of strangers

  1. I’m with Stephen on this Ray. I’m happy to subscribe, as I do to Crikey or Arts Hub – and to pay for professional arts journalism, as I do for a newspaper, magazine or journal. Personally I would prefer arts journalism (and the arts themselves) not to become a charity dependent on ‘kindness’ and funded by donations, but to be a viable industry and profession, with perhaps a little support from a public funding body like the Australia Council (if arts journalism is indeed an essential part of the cultural ecosystem). Not that this should discourage more wealthy or generous patrons from making additional donations. I just wonder if a donation-model is ultimately the most sustainable one for journalism or the arts. Best, Humph

  2. The quality of your thoughtful articles has sustained me – a just dessert in what has rapidly become a cultural desert, as it were.

    Yes, you cherry-pick and as yet have minimal coverage of programmes in all cities and regional centres, though being Sydney- and Melbourne-centric is necessarily no bad thing. I understand the economics and the necessity of so doing.

    One gripe: your auto correct is Trumpian (Read: Americanese) and I refuse to follow its diktat. Apart from that. A.O.K! I’m just off to pay my wife’s and my widow’s mite to keep you guys going.


  3. Dear Raymond,

    I very much admire and believe in what you are doing and as soon as I make a bit of money to spare (working in the arts is tough!) will invest in Daily Review. If I can support in any other way, please let me know.
    Thank you,

  4. Hi Ray
    Happy to support you but I’d prefer it if you simply charged me for the right to your material, so I could pay for it as a subscription and claim it as a tax deduction, as I do with all my myriad online subs.
    I wish The Guardian would do the same.

  5. Hello Raymond
    I contributed last year on a once only basis & asked whether/why you did not have a facility for ongoing/regular contributions. I am immensely pleased to find someone thought it worthwhile to provide you with the required software and thereby facilitate establishing a regular system of contributions one does not need to remember.
    I shall be using it in due course as I am deeply disturbed by the decrease in arts/music etc reporting in the main media and find this publication ‘popping’ up in my email very interesting & stimulating.
    Thank you


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