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Crooked Trump: how he got up, and how to bring him down

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I’m done with the Thrill of Shared Outrage (TOSO) about Trump’s America, so here instead are some facts and ideas that offer a glimmer of hope that America might yet be rid of him.

  1. FACT: The bulk of Trump’s support comes from fear of losing status.

Trump voters were not primarily concerned with being in a financial pickle. Yes, his most enthusiastic voters were from the white working-class, but University of Pennsylvania political scientist Diana C. Mutz has produced a large and persuasive study that concludes that “it was about dominant groups that felt threatened by change”.

Whites of all classes in America are increasingly aware that they will soon be a minority, and Trump promised to slow that down by curbing immigration, and by dissing “political correctness”, which really means any assertion that minorities deserve to be respected. What drove voters was fear of losing their privileges for being white and/or male. Well-educated white people voted for the guy too.

Mutz also found half of Americans view trade as something that sends jobs to other countries at the expense of jobs for Americans. Nor did Americans whose income was shrinking necessarily vote for Trump. In fact, employment was rising, not falling, as the 2016 election loomed, and in the end Ms Clinton beat Trump among people with household incomes below $50,000.

Trump is supported by white voters who believe that whites are more discriminated against than non-whites are. More than half of evangelicals think Christians are treated worse than Muslims, and nearly 80% of white working-class folks reckon the “American way of life” is threatened.

Trump, regardless of his spectacular fails, continues to get warm glows from this large chunk of the country who are pissed off at people not-like-them getting too much attention. Trump offers them attention, which is about all he’s good for.

Solution? A small percentage of them—and their kids more so—won’t be fooled again, and all a half decent Democratic candidate will need in 2020 is a very small swing.

  1. IDEA: Fixing that crazy Electoral College.

And while we’re on the 2020 election, consider the electoral “college” problem. It’s not a real college, just an arithmetic exercise really. It dictates that each of the 50 states shall decide which candidate for president won their state’s votes, then each state gets a number of votes in the college equal to its combined total of senators and representatives. There are a total of 538 electors, corresponding to the 435 representatives and 100 senators, plus three for the District of Columbia. The candidate with 270 or more votes becomes President.

The result is that someone in a low-population state, say, Wisconsin, has more say than someone in California. It’s why both Hillary Clinton and Al Gore won the majority of votes but lost the Presidency.

Solution? Get enough state governments to pass a law stating that whoever wins the majority of votes for President nation-wide, gets all of their state’s electoral college votes. Already 10 states and DC have passed such a law, and more are considering joining the movement, called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

  1. IDEA: It’s unlikely Trump will be impeached. He could, however, be bankrupted.

A majority of the House impeaches Presidents and the Senate tries them, but no one has ever been tossed out of the White House that way. Members of Congress vote on many matters, very rarely on principles.

And even if Prosecutor Mueller gets convictions against Trump and his gang-members to fuel impeachment hearings, the President can pardon all his mates, his family, and himself. Plus impeachment would grind on for years.

Solution: Go after his business crimes. He is basically a crook. His entire life has been about buying real estate with borrowed money, stiffing contractors, suppliers, partners, and creditors.

He can pardon himself for anything, including being a business fraud, money launderer, cheat, tax evader, thief and so on—but he can NOT pardon companies. So drag all his companies into court, freeze and seize their assets, sell them off, and bar him from practicing his chosen profession (in this case, being a crook) ever again. Most of the families’ possessions were likely bought through some dodgy company or another, so seize their personal cars and watches and … everything they can’t prove they own legitimately.

This may be the very strategy Mueller and his team of lawyers are pursuing. They keep sending bits of evidence of corporate dirty dealing to local prosecutors, who will prosecute. Bits pile up, and companies fall down.

This splendid idea came from a bloke calls himself murfster35. He also points out that nothing would cause Trump as much pain as losing all his gold cufflinks and golf-links would. He’d also be remembered as a crook.

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6 responses to “Crooked Trump: how he got up, and how to bring him down

  1. You should be ashamed to call yourself A Author of truth or facts. You talk about Trump being a crook.. Now that is funny. He weeded out crook contractors not because he could not afford them but because they were crooks. Gave work to a lot of mama papa companies and fired those who tried to get over. I tried to find one thing in your so called truths, and there are none. Just another liar for your own agenda which does not look like its getting you far. Shame on you but you know that and have the audacity to call anyone out for being deceitful.

    1. Robert: I suspect you also reckon he’s an excellent diplomat and global strategist, probably a good manager of US affairs. Perhaps spend a little more time reading facts and less fretting about other people’s shame or lack of it?

  2. The thing that I find most offensive about Donald Trump is his addiction to disseminating his “views” almost exclusively in semi- literate “tweets”, almost always belligerent unconsidered and not factual. This behaviour is infantile and socially unhelpful for someone in his position. The power that resides in the Presidency should not be wielded by someone without much capacity for empathy or any apparent guiding philosophy other than accumulation of wealth. Counting down to WWW 3 as we have a “leader” who is an angry twit.

  3. So all that needs to be done is to convince many Americans that something they think is bad (high immigration) is actually good, get 40 states to agree to radical changes to the collegial voting system and successfully prosecute companies Trump owns for unspecified ‘business crimes’?

    Seems straightforward enough…

  4. How can anyone support giving the giant corporations and billionaires enormous tax windalls into trillions of dollars while the rest of USA is increasingly impoverished and deprived of infrastructure development and while Trump and his family enrich themselves personally thru his public office and while he lies with every breath, supports neo-Nazis and like a meglamaniac dictator claims credit for everything from Memorial Day to supposedly rising employment started in the Obama era.

  5. Would be nice, but I can imagine he’ll end up bankrupt; he’ll declare WWIII and blackmail Middle Eastern states into supporting him if need be to avoid that. The system knowingly supports crook, liar and bankrupts (but only the right kind) all this time so I can’t imagine he won’t be able to find another way in future. Now, his kids… they might get what their father (and barring Barron, themselves) deserved.

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