Crime Writers On the Run giveaway

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Congratulations to the winners of our Crime Writers on the Run giveaway:

Preservation (valued at $22.99, thanks to Text Publishing)

A Frith, Fitzroy
J Kyriakou, Daw Park
P Miller, Abbotsford
R Fraser, Stafford Heights
B Cross

Resurrection Bay (valued at $29.99, thanks to Echo Publishing)

A Sebastian, Brunswick
R Girardi, Maylands
R Tomar, Watson
S Dumbrell, Darlington
I James, Fisher

The Autumn Murders (valued at $29.99, thanks to Scribe Publications)

S Ellwood, Youngtown
M Pennunzio, Netherby
C Baskerville, Strathfield
N Skinner, Oyster Bay
S Karas, Midland

Crossing the Lines (valued at $29.99, thanks to Pantera Press)

P Matheos, Penshurst
A Diong, Coolbellup
J De Lacey, Greenwell Point
M Steinberger, Hamilton South
H Foumakis, Melrose Park

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