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Comment of the week: what the aliens will make of Sam Newman, free speech & Australia in 2017

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We like to think our readership is a fairly forward-thinking crowd, but today’s comment of the week comes to us directly from the future.

On Monday, Helen Razer posed the question: What will future generations make of Sam Newman and his quest for free speech?

As you’d expect, plenty of free speech debate followed, but “Stormformer” offered a different perspective:

Alien Archeologist’s Report. Year 2500.
Continent: Australia.
Artifact sample date: 2017
Cultural synopsis: Broad distraction over indenty issues; fixation on principle-thinking; exponential increase in socio-economic inequality; elite plugged into AI / VR while robots killed the working class; elite then drowned by floods while distracted by AI / VR; small band of deserters were unfortunately killed by break-out of nuclear war between other post-flood States.
Current status: Extinct.
Formulation: Lack of perspective thinking and integrative thinking, failure of separative feeling management, general lack of stewardship, inability to form functional solidarity preventing crtical-mass low-level thinking and feeling (and the consequent actions).

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