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City of Sydney offers grants to live music venues in response to lockout laws

The City of Sydney has established a $450,000 fund for businesses operating after dark, designed to fight back against the impact of the NSW Government’s Sydney lockout laws.

The funding is available to live music and performance venues, as well as other local businesses that intend to stay open later or diversify their activities. The first round of applications is open now, with up to $30,000 of matched funding available for each recipient.

“This new grant program provides targeted support to increase the diversity of businesses open in the city at night, and help live music venues make the improvements they need to put on more performances,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

“We know the lockout laws have had a significant impact on Sydney’s night-time economy, so we are finding practical ways to support local businesses and live music venues.

“We look forward to hearing from businesses across our community with their ideas for creating a more diverse and dynamic city after dark.”

The grants to live performance venues will include capital improvements, such as improving sound quality and acoustics, and creating safer spaces for performers and audiences. The City of Sydney says the improvements may include sound-muffling technologies to prevent noise pollution and allow venues to stay open later.

The City says: “Applicants will be required to provide evidence of the need for improvements – for example, if a venue seeks support to address issues associated with sound transfer to neighbouring properties, a history of noise complaints or previous acoustic advice will be required.”

That shouldn’t be a problem for some Sydney venues, given recent high-profile cases of performances cancelled due to noise complaints. In June this year, a live performance at the Kings Cross Hotel was shut down at 9.30pm on a Thursday night.

Further details are available at

3 responses to “City of Sydney offers grants to live music venues in response to lockout laws

  1. Council have done more to damage live venues and Sydneys night life. A building with air-conditioners on the roof without 1 complaint from neighbors in an adjoining unit buildingfor 13 years until 1 tenant complained. Council officers would not accept simple solutions. So after $18,000 costs it was sorted. But 6 months later the tenant moved out. What about the complaint lady living permanently in a Bayswater Rosd unit which was restricted to short term occupancy. Council hounded nightclubs who spent huge sums on dealing with the issue. Tokenism at worst, but better than nothing, and may help her get another couple of votes.

  2. Lipstick on the pig. SCC has allowed noise compliants against long standing venues to close them down. They need to look to Melbourne and engage state govelement to solve this. As these 2 normally play a game of whack-it. I’m not holding my breath.


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