Postcard from Perth Festival 2019: Lang Toi, One Infinity

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Nouveau Cirque de Vietnam, Lang Toi; Gideon Obarzanek, One Infinity Lang Toi: My Village is a contemporary circus work about traditional Vietnamese village life created and directed by Vietnamese juggler Tuan Le in collaboration with French-born but Vietnam-raised brothers and co-creators Nguyen Nhat Ly (who is also musical director) and Nguyen Lân Maurice (Artistic Director)

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Mary Stuart theatre review (Roslyn Packer Theatre, Sydney)

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Bitchy queens and their unruly courts are quite the flavour of the month, aren’t they? There’s big screen Oscars pick The Favourite with Queen Anne and her scheming same-sex suitors. Princess Margaret is proving quite the handful on Netflix’s The Crown. Meghan (Markle) and Kate (Middleton) are at each other’s throats, if you believe the

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