Thinking about Britney Spears’ 2007 meltdown with the writer and director of new play Truly Madly Britney

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“It’s Britney, bitch.” These three words, uttered by Britney Spears at the start of Gimme More, have since entered the pop cultural lexicon, an enduring cri de coeur against a media-driven obsession with destroying our idols. Released at the height of her 2007 meltdown – labelled by Rolling Stone as the “most public downfall of

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Best theatre of 2018: Jason Whittaker’s Sydney picks

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From opera to musical theatre and drama classic and contemporary, I’m genre agnostic when it comes to picking the best theatrical experiences of 2018. The standout Sydney stage shows spoke to the moment in distinctive ways, from #metoo to race relations, mental health, environmentalism … and the pitfalls of bricking yourself into a pyramid. In

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Lamb theatre review (Red Stitch, Melbourne)

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At the wake after his mother Mary’s death, Patrick sings. It’s dawn. The day after I travelled down (up? over?) to Melbourne to see Jane Bodie’s play Lamb. I’m tucked away in the attic by a window that looks out over my neighbour’s paddock. The sheep are huddled together against the rain. There’s a lot to

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Twelfth Night (Sumner Theatre, Melbourne)

MTC TWELFTH xxNIGHT photo Jeff Busby_1851
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It’s easy to assume that Twelfth Night is a piece of Christmas frippery, and it certainly sounds benign – as fairytales go I mean. You forget how sour it turns. You forget what an out and out thief is Toby Belch, how ruthless are the machinations visited on the hapless Andrew Aguecheek and even the

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Making Art Podcast 8: Playwright Tom Holloway

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Daily Review presents actor Neil Pigot’s series of 60 minute podcasts in which he interviews artists from a range of disciplines about making art. In Episode Eight of Making Art he talks to playwright Tom Holloway. Pigot says Holloway’s development from teenage theatre geek to internationally recognised playwright is a compelling tale of how, amidst what is increasingly becoming

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