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All hail The Crown (and The Queen)

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Our collective obsession with watching members of the British royal family in dramatic form spans centuries and every age. Since the time of Queen Elizabeth I, when history plays held significant sway over the London stage, audiences have been drawn to the lives of those at the top of the social structure, played out for the

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Wolf Creek season two review: John Jarratt’s great, shit-eating villain returns

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Australian film and television has two great tourism ambassadors called Mick. The first, surname Dundee, famously compared knife sizes with ruffians in New York in the 1980s. The other, surname Taylor, has a more hands-on approach to knives, as the flannie connoisseur antagonist – played with shit-eating glare and pig-like chortle by John Jarratt –

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Empowerment, role models and Miss Universe’s loss of innocence

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It was in 2015 that Donald Trump severed his long financial attachment to the Miss Universe pageant. This was miserable on two counts. First, we remember that sale of the venture was provoked by Trump’s initial pre-presidential shit-post. Following his gibberish about Mexico, a nation he suggested was home to a disproportionate population of “rapists”

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