Why French Film Queen Juliette Binoche is having a moment

Let the Sunshine In
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Some film stars play variations of themselves; others disappear into their roles. Somehow Juliette Binoche manages to do both: you’re never entirely unaware that you’re watching the French arthouse stalwart, and yet she manages to embody a spectrum of human emotions unreachable to lesser actors prone to overcompensation and overacting. Between a recent retrospective of

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Deborah Williams and changing the world through Creative Diversity


Deborah Williams is an award-winning actor, writer, theatremaker and executive director of the UK’s Creative Diversity Network. She is in Australia this week to present a keynote speech at the Fair Play Symposium for Diversity Arts Australia in partnership with Creative Victoria. She will be also speaking at Belvoir Theatre, Sydney today from 4 -6pm. My road

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Mike McLeish on the ‘The Drop Off’ and the pleasures and pain of making a web series

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Mike McLeish, actor, singer, and music theatre star is best known for his unforgettable channelling of a charmingly Machiavellian Paul Keating in the mega-hit musical Keating. As performers have done for centuries, he and his wife – and fellow performer and writer – Fiona Harris, have had to create their own opportunities. They are now into the second series of their self-produced series The Drop Off

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Hugh Jackman’s appearance on 7:30 highlights the problems of starry-eyed cultural journalism

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The ABC’s 7:30 program is a reliable source of quality journalism, offering dignified current affairs investigations at a time in the evening when other networks race to the bottom – zooming in on tasty dishes in My Kitchen Rules and lifeguards pounding the sand in Bondi Rescue. Last week 7:30 investigated franking credits, the aftermath

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Greta film review: Isabelle Huppert enlivens rote psychological thriller

Isabelle Huppert
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Isabelle Huppert stalks Chloë Grace Moretz through the streets of New York City in the fitfully lurid, occasionally stylish and ultimately inconsequential little thriller Greta. The film is not without its charms, chief among them a scenery-chewing performance from Huppert. She plays Greta Hideg, a self-confessed lonely old woman who has taken to leaving handbags

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Transitions film festival: A vestige of hope for the last rhinos

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Any doubt that rhinos are rapidly being poached to extinction is dispelled in the first few seconds of Vestige, an extraordinarily intimate and moving documentary that will screen as part the Transitions Film Festival at Melbourne’s Cinema Nova later this month. The opening sequence depicts the night time patrol of armed anti-poaching rangers who look

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From The Hunting to SeaChange redux: 10 Australian TV shows to look out for in 2019

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There were several excellent Australian TV productions that graced our screens in 2018 – from the asylum seeker drama Safe Harbour to new iterations of Mystery Road, Picnic at Hanging Rock and Jack Irish. This year’s lineup looks eclectic, mixing big hitters with smaller budget passion projects. As usual the majority of interesting-sounding titles come

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