Calm down about those Game of Thrones spoilers: there’s more to a story than its ending

Ned Stark
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Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet was a significant cinematic experience for 12-year-old me. The lush aesthetics, the baroque-meets-alt rock-meets-pop soundtrack, baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio – it all mingled to ignite a fierce, burning passion that could only be expressed through an entire bedroom wall plastered with magazine clippings. Of course, we know the

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What would Umberto Eco think of a Michael Jackson ‘Tribute Show’?

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Umberto Eco’s 1985 essay that was the centrepiece of his book, Faith in Fakes, asked questions about why United States “culture” is so big on what he called “hyper-reality”, in particular the huge popularity of simulated experiences in theme parks. What the great Italian semiotician would have thought of the so-called “tribute show” we can

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1985 review: an intensely felt portrait of life in the closet

1985 image
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Shot on Super 16mm film in black and white, Yen Tan’s 1985 is an intensely felt, claustrophobic and deeply moving portrait of one young man’s closeted life in Reagan-era America. Drawing finely calibrated performances from his leads and deploying an almost desperately restrained filmmaking style, a gentle sadness radiates throughout Tan’s film. Set in the dwindling days of 1985, Cory Michael

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