Film review: The Reports on Sarah & Saleem tracks the fallout of an affair in a divided Jerusalem

Reports on Sarah and Saleem
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Palestinian director Muayad Alayan’s stressful second feature, The Reports on Sarah & Saleem, establishes its central conceit instantly. The film opens on a man counting money and doing paperwork at his small kitchen table. Before we know it there’s a forceful knock at the door and he’s being violently arrested by Israeli security forces. We

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Labor’s boost to the arts is welcome but our political climate does not take culture seriously


 Jo Caust is Associate Professor and Principal Fellow (Hon), University of Melbourne Labor launched its arts policy in Melbourne on Saturday. The new policy document is called “Renewing Creative Australia”, paying homage to Labor’s two previous cultural policy documents; “Creative Nation” in 1994 and “Creative Australia” in 2013. The policy includes a commitment to restore funding

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Election 2019: Could cultural change be only days away?


How do the major political parties understand Australia’s culture and what vision do they offer for our future asks Esther Anatolitis, the executive director of the National Association for the Visual Arts. We’ve got Labor who’ve launched a comprehensive policy after extensive consultation; the Greens, who’ve released a considered policy without a launch nor consultation;

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