Orchestrated mid-winter yearning brings music of Cave and Ellis from screen to stage

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
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Subtle notes of angst, despair and deep yearning defined a powerful union of the work of musicians Nick Cave and Warren Ellis with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in several shows at Hamer Hall at the weekend. The unique pairing showcased six of Cave and Ellis’s notable film scores as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival,

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Some thoughts on Four Corner’s Julian Assange ‘Hero or Villain’

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The recent ABC TV Four Corners two-;part special Hero or Villain: The prosecution of Julian Assange had many serious fails: here are four of them: (1) In almost an hour of reporting, reporter Michael Brissenden barely mentioned the crucial stories Assange published, which were and still are the reason he’s America’s most-wanted: * exposing US interference in the

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Eleven years, 70 friends and $60,000 later, the screwball-meets-noir-meets art world feature ‘The Big Kitty’ wraps

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You’ve heard apocryphal stories about people making movies on their maxed-out credit cards, but this remarkable story of bringing a full-length feature film on a shoestring to fruition is not fiction. On a sudden whim, Melbourne visual artist Tom Alberts decided in 2008 to make a film that celebrated the kind of screwball comedies and

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Nine stand-outs from the 2019 Melbourne International Film Festival program

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Monrovia, Indiana Frederick Wiseman returns to MIFF with this portrait of one small town deep inside America. A festival stalwart, Wiseman is keenly aware of the power of editing to create meaning. His observational documentaries gradually but powerfully nudge us to find meaning in juxtaposition, to extremely compelling effect. Words and Silk: the Imaginary and Real

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So you think you’re a ‘creative’? Not until unless you’re fluent in ‘agency-speak’


Confused about what a creative industry is? It’s simple: film, TV, video games and digital culture. That’s what the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) does and it’s why, three years on from the announcement that the Central Victorian city Bendigo was getting a Creative Industries Hub, the state’s Minister for Creative Industries Martin

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