Adelaide’s OzAsia is a festival to remember

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In recent years OzAsia has become one of the highlights of Adelaide’s festival calendar but never more so than in 2018. The hugely popular Moon Lantern Parade, cruelly thwarted by uncertain spring weather in recent years and cancelled several times, has benefited now that the festival begins in late October instead of a month earlier.

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Spartacus ballet review (Sydney Opera House)

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Remade as a muscular, heroic underdog for our times, this new Spartacus is crisp and compelling storytelling. Despite Khachaturian’s glorious, ever-shifting melodies, Lucas Jervies’ choreography does veer to the repetitive and monosyllabic, but he’s a director well versed in the drama of theatre; and with dramaturg, fellow director Imara Savage, knows how to stage a good

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Song for a Weary Throat (Melbourne Festival)

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I wasn’t sure whether to write about Song For a Weary Throat or not, since the show I saw was the final performance of its Melbourne Festival season, And if, somehow, you hadn’t read about this piece devised and performed by The Rawcus Ensemble and Invenio Singers, (unlikely, since it won rave reviews and a couple of Green

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