Muriel’s Wedding the Musical review (Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne)

Muriels Wedding
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Friendship’s the thing in Muriel’s Wedding. Friendship, and self respect. And credit card fraud… Though you know what they say: one girl’s fraud is another’s opportunity. How to explain our enduring affection for semi-delusional, slightly subversive, small-time criminal, Muriel Heslop? It’s misleading to use a word like ‘Loser’ to describe her, since it suggests she’s

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Cinderella review (Arts Centre, Melbourne)

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Cinderella might be an age old fairy tale, but the sentiment rings true today.  A young woman is trapped in slavery and treated abysmally.  While the rich around her have power and mobility, she can only dream of a better life as she fights to survive.  However, where the story veers from reality is that unlike

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Dance Nation review (Red Stitch Actors Theatre, Melbourne)

Dance Nation3
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While I may never have danced competitively, I have appeared resplendent in green satin tunic thing painstakingly stitched by my I-hate-sewing-mother (“you and your bloody ballet!”) and green and blue raffia arm things as a sea sprite: in the sort of seabed fantasy only inland Australia can contrive. We’re talking battement tendus and pas de

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