Aspects of Love review (Hayes Theatre, Sydney)

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“Love,” so the song pile-driven deep into your brain goes, “will never let you be the same.” Which goes for the show, too. You can’t unsee Aspects Of Love, the sweepingly silly Andrew Lloyd Webber musical extravagantly revived at the Hayes Theatre. You certainly can’t unhear Love Changes Everything, its saccharine strains injected into every

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Magpie Diaries ‘Sanctuary’ album review

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Magpie Diaries is a band hailing from the Hunter region of NSW. Its well-crafted tunes could be loosely described as contemporary-country and blues-influenced-folk rock (stated influences include Grateful Dead, Neil Young and Van Morrison). They also bring other sensibilities, such as a fair whack of sax to the table on their debut album Sanctuary. The band is fronted by Matt

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The Breeders Live review (Sydney Opera House)

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Last year I reviewed legendary indie band, The Pixies’ excellent performance at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney for Daily Review. In some quarters, the band that played that night at the Horden was a Clayton’s version of The Pixies; it didn’t include original bass player Kim Deal, who was replaced by Paz Lechantin, who does

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Lamb theatre review (Red Stitch, Melbourne)

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At the wake after his mother Mary’s death, Patrick sings. It’s dawn. The day after I travelled down (up? over?) to Melbourne to see Jane Bodie’s play Lamb. I’m tucked away in the attic by a window that looks out over my neighbour’s paddock. The sheep are huddled together against the rain. There’s a lot to

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Twelfth Night (Sumner Theatre, Melbourne)

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It’s easy to assume that Twelfth Night is a piece of Christmas frippery, and it certainly sounds benign – as fairytales go I mean. You forget how sour it turns. You forget what an out and out thief is Toby Belch, how ruthless are the machinations visited on the hapless Andrew Aguecheek and even the

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