Is poetry rising from its slumber?

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“Poetry is resonating with people who are looking for understanding. It is a really good way to explore complex, difficult emotions and uncertainty” –  Andre Breedt, Nielsen Book Research. ** It was World Poetry Day recently. I missed it. I expect most did, too. For the record it was March 21. Put that in your

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Why French Film Queen Juliette Binoche is having a moment

Let the Sunshine In
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Some film stars play variations of themselves; others disappear into their roles. Somehow Juliette Binoche manages to do both: you’re never entirely unaware that you’re watching the French arthouse stalwart, and yet she manages to embody a spectrum of human emotions unreachable to lesser actors prone to overcompensation and overacting. Between a recent retrospective of

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Dance Artist Atlanta Eke uses 18th-century tennis to explore 21st-century politics and power

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From a young age, Atlanta Eke’s life has been consumed by tennis. The artist, dancer and choreographer’s father Victor played tennis professionally, and her parents ran a tennis coaching business, Melbourne Total Tennis, for 38 years. Eke consequently grew up playing, coaching and competing in tennis, including Real Tennis, historically known as the ‘sport of

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Postcard from Adelaide Festival #1: music and movement

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In his first postcard from the Adelaide Festival, Humphrey Bower looks at: Paul Kelly, James Ledger, Seraphim Trio, Alice Keith, 13 Ways to Look at Birds; Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Mozart/Schubert/Bruckner; Robyn Archer, Picaresque; Meryl Tankard, Two Feet; Johan Inger/Semperoper Ballett Dresden, Carmen; Luciano Rosso/Alfonso Barón, Un Poyo Rojo; Gravity and Other Myths, Out of Chaos;

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Rebetiko Festival: nostalgia is not a dirty word

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Rebetien are four musicians (pictured above) from Athens who are headlining this year’s Melbourne Rebetiko Festival. I spoke to bouzouki player, vocalist and the group’s co-founder Fotis Vergopoulos as they were about to hop on a bus to Port Fairy Folk Festival and then fly to WOMAdelaide. Rebetiko began as the music of Greek refugees from the Asia Minor Catastrophe

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