WATCH: God made the earth in seven days and he can destroy it any time frame he wishes

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In this remarkably honest interview, recorded just days before the Federal Election, The Chosen Minister returns to the Office of Empathy to talk about the Earth, student climate strikes and deference to the Ultimate Leader. This is the last in a series of videos in the lead-up to Saturday’s Federal Election 2019 conducted by the Minister for Empathy*,

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Election 2019: Could cultural change be only days away?


How do the major political parties understand Australia’s culture and what vision do they offer for our future asks Esther Anatolitis, the executive director of the National Association for the Visual Arts. We’ve got Labor who’ve launched a comprehensive policy after extensive consultation; the Greens, who’ve released a considered policy without a launch nor consultation;

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Calm down about those Game of Thrones spoilers: there’s more to a story than its ending

Ned Stark
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Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet was a significant cinematic experience for 12-year-old me. The lush aesthetics, the baroque-meets-alt rock-meets-pop soundtrack, baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio – it all mingled to ignite a fierce, burning passion that could only be expressed through an entire bedroom wall plastered with magazine clippings. Of course, we know the

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What would Umberto Eco think of a Michael Jackson ‘Tribute Show’?

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Umberto Eco’s 1985 essay that was the centrepiece of his book, Faith in Fakes, asked questions about why United States “culture” is so big on what he called “hyper-reality”, in particular the huge popularity of simulated experiences in theme parks. What the great Italian semiotician would have thought of the so-called “tribute show” we can

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When one art form tumbles into another: Paul Dyer and Yaron Lifschitz on English Baroque with Circa


The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and Circa’s third collaboration, English Baroque with Circa, opens the Canberra International Music Festival tonight before visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Anders Furze talks to artistic directors Paul Dyer and Yaron Lifschitz. Recently, Paul Dyer, the irrepressible artistic director and co-founder of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, found himself hanging upside down on a trapeze. “There I

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VIDEO: The Formerly Foreign Minister says women should not ‘play the victim’

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Now halfway though the election campaign, the Government’s most popular leader, the Formerly Foreign Minister, talks frankly about empathy and the threat it poses to the professional politician. This is the latest in a series of videos in the lead-up to the Federal Election 2019 conducted by the recently appointed Federal Minister for Empathy,* David Pledger (pictured below).

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