Julian Assange the literary festival guest, and the casual cruelty of the media

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Back in 2016, Bendigo Writers Festival hosted an event with Julian Assange. Robert Manne had written a small book about the “Cypherpunk Revolutionary”, a typically well-researched and carefully argued description of how Assange came to create Wikileaks, so we set up an interview from the Ecuadorian Embassy. One of the positives about the internet (which

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Vallejo Gantner on being artistic director of the Onassis Foundation


It was mid-February in Athens and cold and sunny as we sat on the balcony of an apartment sipping cloudy ouzo and eating salty olives. Vallejo Gantner and I did this almost every afternoon to celebrate another day’s end of Athens Burns Bright; Creative Ecology Tour. “Mate, I signed the contract, it’s real, it’s happening,” Gantner said, breathing out a big

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Budget 2019: Infographic on arts input into Australia


Last night’s Federal Budget once again showed the LNP ’s adhoc and grudging tolerance of the arts. The organisation representing the major performing arts companies, AMPAG, is one of nine arts sector bodies that has created an infographic showing national participation in the arts and how its economic impact contributes $4.2 billion to Australia’s GDP. According to AMPAG (it represents the 28 major performing arts companies lucky

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Budget 2019: What is Australia’s Cultural Policy?


Last night’s federal budget documents offered stark insights into our nation’s culture by setting out Australia’s political priorities in financial terms. In the absence of a written policy, how do these political decisions reveal the unwritten values that frame our cultural life? asks arts industry advocate Esther Anatolitis. Surprisingly, identifying those values is much easier than

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Sam Strong to leave Queensland Theatre

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In a surprise announcement, Queensland Theatre (QT) artistic director Sam Strong is returning home to Melbourne after just over three years at the helm of the Brisbane company. In a statement Strong said: ““I’m not going on to another company. Leadership for me at this point in my life means being more available to my family. I’m committed to

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