A Perfect Circle album review: Eat the Elephant

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Maynard James Keenan founded Tool in the early ’90s. After dropping out of the military, he became involved in the LA music scene and joined bands, including Green Jelly, before hitting the jackpot with Tool. Tool are massively popular. They’ve also been creatively dormant. Over the 12 years since their last album, 10,000 Days, there have

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Are there no funny women on FM radio?

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Mass culture has produced no form more lifeless than radio journalism. If you’re yet to read this stuff, please, don’t start now. That modest rise in Radio Shitstack’s 18-24 demographic is only of interest to shareholders, and that monumental rise in some twit’s salary can be only of interest to masochists. Reports of broadcast radio

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Rebetiko is the music of the poor, the broken, the disaffected, the exiled; and it’s thriving again

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Con Kalamaras is the director of the inaugural Melbourne Rebetiko Festival at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Saturday, March 10.  The afternoon and evening festival features Pliri Ntaxei (Greece) pictured above, Chrysoula K and Purpura (Greece), Zourouna,  Melbourne Rebetiko Ensemble, Pascal Latra and the Philhellenes, Melbourne Bouzouki Orchestra with Dean Georgalas and the Manasis School of Greek and Dance Culture. We asked Kalamaras to explain Rebetiko – often

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Music from Cretans: George Xylouris and Jim White (via The Dirty Three, Fugazi and Nick Cave)

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George Xylouris and Jim White (pictured above) are one of the most exciting musical collaborations right now. Their new album Mother is not for the fragile. The alternative rock and Cretan music meld is blood and bones, earth and sea, literature and poetry, war and love; it is Crete. One needs to understand the Cretans

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