Labor’s boost to the arts is welcome but our political climate does not take culture seriously


 Jo Caust is Associate Professor and Principal Fellow (Hon), University of Melbourne Labor launched its arts policy in Melbourne on Saturday. The new policy document is called “Renewing Creative Australia”, paying homage to Labor’s two previous cultural policy documents; “Creative Nation” in 1994 and “Creative Australia” in 2013. The policy includes a commitment to restore funding

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What would Umberto Eco think of a Michael Jackson ‘Tribute Show’?

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Umberto Eco’s 1985 essay that was the centrepiece of his book, Faith in Fakes, asked questions about why United States “culture” is so big on what he called “hyper-reality”, in particular the huge popularity of simulated experiences in theme parks. What the great Italian semiotician would have thought of the so-called “tribute show” we can

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When one art form tumbles into another: Paul Dyer and Yaron Lifschitz on English Baroque with Circa


The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and Circa’s third collaboration, English Baroque with Circa, opens the Canberra International Music Festival tonight before visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Anders Furze talks to artistic directors Paul Dyer and Yaron Lifschitz. Recently, Paul Dyer, the irrepressible artistic director and co-founder of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, found himself hanging upside down on a trapeze. “There I

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Albums of the decade No. 3 – 2012

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Jacob Robinson continues his look back at the albums of this decade. See his Albums of 2010 and 2011 HERE alt-J – An Awesome Wave Few bands step as effortlessly to the pointy end of the music world as alt-J. Like any other UK alternative rock band with arty pretensions, they were hailed upon the release

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Vallejo Gantner on being artistic director of the Onassis Foundation


It was mid-February in Athens and cold and sunny as we sat on the balcony of an apartment sipping cloudy ouzo and eating salty olives. Vallejo Gantner and I did this almost every afternoon to celebrate another day’s end of Athens Burns Bright; Creative Ecology Tour. “Mate, I signed the contract, it’s real, it’s happening,” Gantner said, breathing out a big

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Budget 2019: Infographic on arts input into Australia


Last night’s Federal Budget once again showed the LNP ’s adhoc and grudging tolerance of the arts. The organisation representing the major performing arts companies, AMPAG, is one of nine arts sector bodies that has created an infographic showing national participation in the arts and how its economic impact contributes $4.2 billion to Australia’s GDP. According to AMPAG (it represents the 28 major performing arts companies lucky

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