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Where are the Conservatives in the arts?

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Shawn Lent writes for the US arts website, The Clyde Fitch Report, about using the arts to bring “different social circles in closer proximity to one another’’ to counter the political and /or religious beliefs that increasingly drive them apart. There’s a conversation I want to have. It is about the relationship between conservatives and liberals in

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Are there no funny women on FM radio?

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Mass culture has produced no form more lifeless than radio journalism. If you’re yet to read this stuff, please, don’t start now. That modest rise in Radio Shitstack’s 18-24 demographic is only of interest to shareholders, and that monumental rise in some twit’s salary can be only of interest to masochists. Reports of broadcast radio

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Human Requiem music review (Adelaide Festival)

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Brahms composed his German Requiem between 1865 and 1868. His longest composition, with text not in the requiem’s traditional Latin but derived from the German Luther Bible, its conception is humanist rather than religious, the libretto – written by Brahms himself – a meditation not on Christian redemption but on mortality and suffering, consolation and

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Golden Plains XII music review

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Golden Plains remains one of the quirkiest fixtures on the Australian music festival calendar. Like its big sister festival Meredith, it combines great vibes with great tunes, while adding a dash of the bizarre and eccentric for good measure. However. its slightly shorter running time, smaller crowd size and Labour Day long weekend date, means Golden

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Limelight fights back with two new owners new to publishing


The respected arts and classical musical magazine and website Limelight has been rescued from its financial  troubles and bought for an undisclosed sum by two men with no experience in publishing. But they do have a fervent belief in the future of the magazine and its place in Australia’s cultural landscape. Both music lovers and longtime readers of the magazine,

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Have your say before the political class takes it away


Last July, non-profit environmental organisations received a letter from the Australian Government which The Guardian’s Lenore Taylor characterised as having “ominous implications”. It asked them, for the first time, to curtail their commitment to promoting the public good by rethinking the time and resources they devote to public advocacy. A few days later, Peter Dutton was

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Australia Council Awards recipients announced for 2018


The Australia Council has announced the 2018 recipients of Australia Council award which “recognise and celebrate the significant contributions of leading artists to the artistic and cultural vibrancy of the nation”. The winners, nominated by industry peers, are: Bruce Pascoe (VIC) – Australia Council Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature Liza Lim (VIC) – Australia

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