Regurgitator music review, Metro Theatre (Sydney)

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In the ’90s, Australia’s love affair with local no frills pub rock bands expanded to embrace “alternative” rockers Silverchair, as well as eclectic acts like Spiderbait and industrial rock rabble rousers, Insurge. There was an alternative rock revolution going on around the world at this time. Doubtless, the most popular act of the weirder fringe

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Camp Cope Live (Sydney Opera House)

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There was electricity in the air at Melbourne trio Camp Cope’s performance at the Opera House on Wednesday night. There has been quite a buzz about the group in the media too. The positive press around the all-woman trio is well deserved as the quality of their take on “alternative/indie rock” rises above most of

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Making Art Podcast 5: Neil Pigot with composer Tim Dargaville

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Daily Review presents actor Neil Pigot’s series of free, 60 minute podcasts in which he interviews artists from a range of disciplines about making art. To listen to episode FIVE with composer Tim Dargaville, click here and to hear previous episodes, click here. When people ask, as they occasionally have over the past two years, why I haven’t been acting much

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Bjork’s Utopia tour headpieces made to resemble orchids and bones


Designer James Merry has created futuristic headpieces for Icelandic musician Björk and her flute players to wear during the Utopia tour. The masks were designed by Merry to compliment the costumes and sets for the tour of the album Utopia, which Bjork described as “magically utopian” in an interview with leading UK design website Dezeen. Merry, told Dezeen that

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The Royal Wedding: Suits actress brings audacity, conviction, compassion and relevance to the Crown


When Bishop Michael Curry, the African American head of the American Episcopal Church, went off script at the wedding of Meghan and Harry and launched into a riveting and chaotic monologue about love, he turned a Royal Wedding into the greatest theatrical moment on live TV so far this century. All those lefty republicans who studiously

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