Trainspotting – and other depictions of addiction


Playwright Harry Gibson’s original stage adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel Trainspotting was written before it became the famous 1996 film. Now a 21st anniversary production with its all Scottish cast — Rachael Anderson (June), Chris Dennis (Begbie), Calum Barbour (Mother Superior), Greg Esplin (Tommy), Michael Lockerbie (Sickboy), Erin Marshall (Alison) and Gavin Ross (Renton) — is touring Australia. Read our review

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Kate Miller-Heidke and the Sydney Symphony (Sydney Opera House)

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Watching a symphony orchestra backing a pop singer is often a bit of a strange experience. There’s usually plenty of respect given back and forth between the classically-trained instrumentalists and the singer, despite their very different disciplines, but those musicians don’t exactly grow up dreaming of augmenting pop songs with the occasional orchestral flourish. You can’t help

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SBS reveals new Eurovision hosts

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SBS announced last month that Australia’s long-serving Eurovision hosts Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang would be leaving the annual broadcast, much to the distress of many local Eurovision fans. But after eight years, it seems it’s time for fresh blood, and SBS has brought in two new beloved TV hosts for the 2017 competition…

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Millennials have caught the nostalgia bug early — but who can blame us?

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Last week, former child star Nikki Webster released a new version of her 2001 hit Strawberry Kisses, with proceeds going towards the Starlight Childrens Foundation. This new recording managed to get up to number 7 on the iTunes chart, complete with a novelty rap declaring “2017: Nikki Webster back on the scene”. Just a few days earlier,

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WATCH: Tim Minchin plays Trump in Matilda parody

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Tim Minchin has previously suggested that Donald Trump’s presidency might be beyond parody, but the composer and comedian seems to have changed his mind. On Monday night’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Minchin appeared in Donald: The Musical, a rewritten version of his Matilda hit song When I Grow Up. Minchin played Trump alongside Corden as Steve Bannon, Abigail

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