Nine stand-outs from the 2019 Melbourne International Film Festival program

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Monrovia, Indiana Frederick Wiseman returns to MIFF with this portrait of one small town deep inside America. A festival stalwart, Wiseman is keenly aware of the power of editing to create meaning. His observational documentaries gradually but powerfully nudge us to find meaning in juxtaposition, to extremely compelling effect. Words and Silk: the Imaginary and Real

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Tanya Losanno review (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

Tanya Losanno 2
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With The Good, The Bad and The Elderly, 2019 Moosehead Award-winning comedian Tanya Losanno explores life in the ‘sandwich generation’ – thirty and fortysomething-year-olds responsible for taking care of ageing parents and their own children. The show begins with Losanno describing her love for the music of Italian composer Ennio Morricone. Morricone is well known for scoring

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Joanne Brookfield makes ‘no apologies’ about being a woman in comedy

Joanne Brookfield 3
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It’s rare for a superhero blockbuster to inspire a near-spiritual experience, but that’s what Patty Jenkins’ 2017 film Wonder Woman did for author and comedian Joanne Brookfield. In the opening chapter of her new book No Apologies (Echo Publishing, $29.99) she describes, awe radiating off the page, how it felt to watch “a woman saving the world”: “Imagine if that

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Why French Film Queen Juliette Binoche is having a moment

Let the Sunshine In
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Some film stars play variations of themselves; others disappear into their roles. Somehow Juliette Binoche manages to do both: you’re never entirely unaware that you’re watching the French arthouse stalwart, and yet she manages to embody a spectrum of human emotions unreachable to lesser actors prone to overcompensation and overacting. Between a recent retrospective of

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