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Avengers: Infinity War film review: a celebration of mediocrity on a scale the cinema has never seen before

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Has any film series in history pursued the ‘more of everything’ and ‘bigger is better’ ethos as vigorously as the Avengers franchise? The latest installment, Avengers: Infinity War, heralds the arrival of 19 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in 10 years. Their running times are epic blow-outs, the latest ballooning into a elephantine 160 minutes. Working from a

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The Florida Project DVD Giveaway: a moving drama about real life America


Director Sean Baker’s acclaimed The Florida Project is set over one summer as it follows precocious six-year-old Moonee as she courts mischief and adventure with her ragtag playmates and bonds with her rebellious but caring mother, all while living in the shadows of Walt Disney World, Florida. It stars Brooklynn Prince and Willem Dafoe. Daily Review has 10

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Art and mental health issues, they seem to go together


Anglicare’s in Brisbane has produced a web-series and a billboard campaign across the city to tell of artists and their commitment to increasing awareness of mental health. The church organisation has paired five emerging artists affected by mental health issues with five established artists to create artworks that will be auctioned at an event on May 31. The five

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A Lord Mayor for the Arts?


Local government elections aren’t normally of national significance. When it’s a capital city mayoral election, however, all of Australia takes notice. Lord Mayors lead programs, budgets and square kilometres that encompass their state’s major public spaces, galleries, museums, festivals and performing arts centres, as well as the sites of their major events. Artists of national

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Rampage isn’t the greatest video game movie ever. Assassin’s Creed is


Which is better: a harebrained movie that does what it says it’d do on the packet, or an ambitious film that challenges, confounds, frustrates and fascinates viewers? Which is more meaningful: a popcorn flick that never wanted to be anything special, wink-winking audiences in regular acknowledgement of its dumbness, or a film that tries –

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Missiles, Monash and No More War!

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MISSILES A week after the alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7, the British journalist Robert Fisk walked the streets of this Syrian town in which fundamentalist Jihadists had recently been overpowered by government forces. Fisk interviewed a doctor named Assim Rahaibani who had been in the underground clinic when the “gassing” victims were

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Alistair Barrie: The InternationAL (Melbourne Comedy Festival)

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Englishman Alistair Barrie is appearing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the first time and his show is a delight. Titling the show The InternationAL, Barrie sets out playing the left wing anthem The Internationale on the PA merely to see if anyone recognises it enough to hum along. The Friday night audience sits numbly through it, vaguely wondering what

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