National Young Writers’ Festival shines a light on young queer talent

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The National Young Writers’ Festival is entering its 20th year, with the festival giving a designated platform to LGBTIQ writers in its 2017 program. Between September 28 and October 1, artists from around the country will arrive in Newcastle to participate in over 80 events including panels, roundtables, workshops and debates. October 1 will play host

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October is the Coldest Month by Christoffer Carlsson – YA book extract

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Scandinavian noir goes south to the Young Adult market in Christoffer Carlsson’s October is the Coldest Month published in Australia by Scribe. In the extract below the 16 year old protagonist, Vega Gillberg, is hunting for clues after her brother Jakob has disappeared. *** On the way back I called Jakob twice, but there was no answer. I needed

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The End of Eddy by Edouard Louis book review

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For the comfortable middle class of the western world, politics is usually conscripted for a verbal tournament. It’s rarely a matter of life or death, more a jousting tool over dinner parties or a dance of metaphorical sabre thrusts around the garden barbecue. For 24-year-old Édouard Louis, the most compelling novelist to emerge from the

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Pachyderm by Hugh McGinlay book extract – the crime capers continue

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Pachyderm is the second novel of Melbourne writer and musician Hugh McGinlay. As part of Daily Review‘s highlighting of work by self-published writers or those produced by small publishers, this novel is published by threekookaburras. McGinlay’s previous novel was Jinx and Pachyderm follows his characters milliner Catherine Kint and her best pal and barman Boris Shakovsky in another Melbourne crime caper. The

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Sally Abbott’s Australian Dystopia in ‘Closing Down’

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Sally Abbott’s debut novel Closing Down (Hachette Australia) imagines Australia in the near future. It’s an Australia in which climate change and its geo-political repercussions have wrought social breakdown in small communities across the country. Abbott will be at the Sydney Writers; Festival this week talking about the novel and she is included on the panel “It’s

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