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Can we expect Trump, a man for whom words are meaningless, to mean what he says?

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I’ve been writing articles explaining Trump for two years now, telling myself I have special insights because I’m his age and spent 35 years in New York City seeing him on TV shows and tabloid newspapers dating Playboy models (ie paying them to be groped in public and who knows what in hotel rooms) and babbling batshit.
In the past week, he went to the UK and did his bull-in-a-Wedgwood-shop routine, then called Russia an ally and Europe a foe, then praised Putin’s denial that Russians hacked the US election, then panicked at American outrage and claimed when he said Russia wouldn’t do that he really meant they would.
Through all my Trump articles there’s a chorus line: that he will only be tossed out of his job when a critical mass of anger is reached among various gathering points of power—Washington DC, Wall Street, Billionaire’s row, prosecutor Mueller’s office, crackpot media, and the streets of American resisters — and that consensus is building a little every day.

This suck-up to Russia is about isolating China.

Right now, more lawyers are floating more balloons about high crimes and misdemeanors than ever before. But because Trump’s thoughts are more raw than half-baked, and because he speaks at a fourth grade level of literacy and complexity, there are more interpretations of WTF he means than were attached to any other President in living memory.
Frantic, but old-school rational critics speculate Putin must have devastating secret stuff on Trump. Senator John McCain blames Trump’s “naiveté” and “egotism” for his “disgraceful” and “tragic mistake” in praising Putin. Ex-CIA chief Brennan says his President’s words at the news conference with Russia’s President are ‘treasonous’.
More interestingly, Stephen Bannon, Trump’s alt-right advisor, told CNBC that Trump “knows he needs to end the Cold War on our terms, and unite the West against the rise of a totalitarian China“.
In other words, this suck-up to Russia is about isolating China, which Bannon (in exile) sees as the real threat to US military, economic, and cultural control of the world. The internal threats to the US — women, enviros, people who aren’t Anglo- Saxon, gender-diverse persons, poor people, worshippers of foreign gods — are all good to bash in order to rally Trump’s shrinking core support group, but for Bannon and many around him, the existential threat is the Chinese Communist Party.
Bannon also claimed that “the elites in our country left President Trump with disasters all across the globe, specifically in Korea, Afghanistan and Iran”, which is also part of the worldview of Trump — insofar as he has a view of the world beyond him and golf courses — and many of his fans.

Trump’s presidency is laying waste to far more non-elite Americans than the Washington professionals whom he so enjoys dissing.

Meanwhile, the highest extremes of outrage are emanating from what Bannon calls “the elites” and “the political class” and what other right-twits call the “deep state”. And one can understand their fury and frustration that their beloved country is being represented by an excruciatingly fact-deficient man who does business with people like a two-bit stand-over man with severe ADD.
At the same time, it’s slightly gratifying to see the activists among the elites, Republicans, Democrats and bi-partisans, suffer from being sidelined, because they have indeed created numerous earth-threatening crises, from starvation in Yemen, to uncaring healthcare throughout the USA, to tsunamic icebergs off Greenland — and to see their theorists likewise out of work after spending decades turning out PhDs and institutional reports designed to camouflage wholescale rape, murder and pillage as growth and democracy.
Trump doesn’t care about the rape, murder and pillage, and he considers every PhD, or even 6th grade study notes, a waste of his time and probably a scam. His presidency is laying waste to far more non-elite Americans than the Washington professionals whom he so enjoys dissing and that brings me to another chorus line in these commentaries — most of us across the globe are left to watch and wonder what the chances are for getting out of this alive, or for getting to sleep at night.

4 responses to “Can we expect Trump, a man for whom words are meaningless, to mean what he says?

  1. Trump sucking up to Russia is not about isolating China – Trump doesn’t care about Chinese supremacy; he doesn’t even really care about the US … or Russia … or Europe … and certainly not Australia – 25 million people?! Phurh! – not worth building a TRUMP tower there! And that’s what it’s all about – a TRUMP tower in Red Square!
    If he doesn’t get a second term (which he wont want as he is losing too much money as a pollie!), it’s fine as he has done all the networking and had the biggest PR campaign for TRUMP INC and it will be time to cash in before he loses the spotlight.
    So, no, he doesn’t care about China, Russia, North Korea, Europe … except in relation to himself and his future grandiosity!!

    1. I hope he does want to go, but I doubt it, surely one guy can’t wreak as much havoc as he is without an aligned team behind him? I doubt he’s a one man show and suspect we are witnessing a major US realignment executed badly by Trump. If he goes I expect to see more of the same possibly executed far more efficiently by a smarter person.

  2. Fake news ruless! The montage of front pages includes the Boston Globe’s notorious “DEPORTATIONS TO BEGIN” banner headline from April 2016.

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