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The Brotherhood asks you to share the pie

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Fancy key lime pie with a side of unpalatable facts about Australia’s inadequate social security for unemployed people?

Evoking poster campaigns of old, anti-poverty group Brotherhood of St Laurence has launched posters in Melbourne juxtaposing pie images with hard hitting data.

The new campaign aims to draw attention to the woefully inadequate Newstart payment – currently as little as $38.48 per day for a single unemployed person.

“Pie is often used in policy conversations as a metaphor for inequality, so we thought why not appropriate the image of real-life pie to spark community conversations about the very low levels of financial support we offer unemployed people,” says Brotherhood spokesperson Farah Farouque.

The pie imagery features in a trilogy of posters around the Melbourne CBD and some suburbs. It is an extension of a social media push to highlight the issue using the hashtag #sharethepie. There is also an interactive festooned with pie imagery.

Photo: Pat Scala 0407557978
Photo: Pat Scala

Dr Caroline Wallace, lecturer in visual art at La Trobe University, notes that poster art which had a significant history in Australia throughout the 20th century is experiencing something of a comeback.

Social media, she says, has given it a new a resonance with old imagery in particular being repurposed for new social and political messaging.

The share the pie initiative has been created by the Brotherhood in alliance with a project team from the Committee of Melbourne’s Future Focus Group.

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One response to “The Brotherhood asks you to share the pie

  1. “Fancy key lime pie with a side… ” this is American vernacular. How many Australians know what this means?
    And talking of being understood, this “less that $39 a day’ that is ubiquitous is also confusing. -Is it per working day, as we expect our pay to be, or 7 days a week? And I fear people equate it with spending money, because rent, power bills etc are not paid on a daily basis. I fear many see this and think, “Hell, I spend about $39 a day, what’s the problem?”

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