Braco: Just one look is all it takes

Daily Review has noticed a spike in views in the last few days from our story from 2014 about the Serbian “Master Gazer” known as Braco, who stares at strangers for $8 a pop.

When he visited Australia back then for the “Conscious Living New Earth Festival”, writer Odette Snellen went along for the ride – appropriately held at the Melbourne Show Grounds — to see how he wove his magic on those wanting to believe his gazing abilities held healing powers.

It seems that the renewed interest in Braco is because tomorrow and Thursday (October 10-11) Braco is forgoing his $8 per person fee so the entire world can heal. All we need do is tune into his two-day, non-stop, global live stream and let him shower his golden gaze upon us.

Daily Review is not responsible for any personality changes that may arise from staring back at Braco on your computer screen; we simply offer this link as a reminder that when we think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, a guru will usually come along to help us along the way. 


Braco (pronounced Brah-tzo) doesn’t call himself a healer, guru or teacher. He smokes, eats meat, and is married with a child, but refrains from alcohol. The gift he offers is silent gazing in five minute sessions before groups of paying devotees. If you don’t buy any of the wide range of Braco merchandise, it’s cheap at $8 a gaze.

Braco stands on a podium gazing, either in real life or by remote via live stream. That is all he does. He is, they say, a conduit for the transmission of divine energy, a portal to oneness or the quantum field. His website says he has connectivity with the sun. Braco won’t say as he does not speak in public or give interviews. Legend has it he hasn’t spoken to anyone outside his inner circle since 2002 although you can hear His “loving” voice on his DVDs. Believers claim the usual stuff; wheelchair bound person walks, cancer cure leaves doctors dumbfounded, pains and lumps suddenly vanish. Of course there are no guaranteed effects at a Braco Gazing but you might burst into tears for no apparent reason, or twitch a little.

Braco’s silent gift is quasi-inherited. The story goes that he met the Serbian master gazer Ivica Prokic in his native Croatia whom bestowed upon him His gift. The name Braco, given to him by Prokic means “little brother”. His mentor died a short time afterwards, killed by a freak wave in the South African surf.  After that Braco, whose previous employ had been engineer and businessman, took “the gaze” on a world tour. He’s a Sunbeam Jesus for adults and Santa for the kids under 18 who cannot be in Braco’s live or live stream gaze as the energy could overwhelm them. But they are allowed to see Braco on “His” birthday and that of His mentor. Late last month Braco brought his loving gaze to Melbourne at the Conscious Living New Earth Festival.

The festival was housed in one of the older pavilions at the Melbourne Show Grounds and comprised a few miserable stalls peddling sage bundles, feathers, cold press juicers and water purifiers. A group of psychics with names like Myrtle sat with their dog-eared tarot cards at empty tables corralled behind a partition and a handwritten sign. Many were checking their phones. Any future from these tables would surely be dark.

Most people at the festival seemed to be heading to the Braco queue; ordinary looking everyday folk, with nothing New Age about them. Some held laminated pictures of loved ones and flowers that they planned to hold up to absorb the gaze. Alongside the increasing line a cast of followers dressed in white floated about, talking about Braco and selling his expensive merchandise . This included a line of “sun jewelry” that displays his mentor’s symbol: a golden sun with 13 rays.  Prices go up to $5000 for a for 14 carat gold version.  One lady in white said, “a woman had a photo of her daughter and Braco touched it and she was healed.  I can’t remember what was wrong with her but she was healed.” Someone else mentions shape shifting.

As the last session files out the door a lot of people head straight to the queue ready for another gaze which are held on the hour. People addicted to the gaze can attend six sessions per day. Once inside the room the infomercial starts up with two shiny hosts, one male one female, taking it in turns to wax about Braco and His transformative energy.

Their power positive message is woven with sales talk. They mention interstate travel spruiking Braco’s next gigs in Sydney (May 23-25) and Perth (October 16-19). They tell the audience that they have found people are nicer to them when they wear “the jewelry”. They say His voice is so amazing; you too can hear it when you buy the DVD.

After 20 minutes a sales person says: “Stand if you are able to stand”. Music starts to play, a contemplative copyright-free track with thin synthesised piano, mournful strings and flute solo. Braco walks onto the podium backlit through a white curtain. With one foot slightly forward he begins gazing at those  in the front row. He looks at each person one by one. His stare is neutral, lingering for just a moment so they know they have been seen.

His head turns slowly as he scans the people in the next rows. He moves his head from left to right like a pedestal fan on a hot day. Some lean forward as if they are falling into Braco’s eyes when their turn comes. Others shuffle the laminated pictures they have brought with them in manila folders and try to hold as many as possible toward the sun.

There are some silent tears, twitches, but it doesn’t seem like any big miracles are happening today. It’s hard to tell because when Braco is softly staring you can’t turn around and stare at others. You you have to look at Him. In any event  it can take days or weeks to feel the effects of the gaze, they say. The music finishes, Braco turns, leaves the podium, and the addicts re-join the queue.

Earlier this week Braco live streams his gaze from Munich. It is said to be as powerful an experience as the real thing. That same music comes on after another sheeny sell by a  lady with a German accent who talks for way too long about Him. Then Braco is there. Just simply there, close up looking straight into the camera lens. The viewer can see that Braco is breathing, sometimes swallowing and towards the end of the stare his left eye begins to wander.  He’s in your lap, he’s on your phone screen, and he doesn’t need to concentrate on time because it’s over when that music stops.

Easy channelling with effortless reception and only five minutes of anyone’s time. This is the pinnacle of reductive healing as Braco has boiled down “the heal” to nothing but a look. No rhetoric, no dogma, just the ultimate projection that seems to prove that people want to be seen as they are, or think they are, with just one look. Or more, if you get hooked.

22 responses to “Braco: Just one look is all it takes

  1. So many haters… believe you want to believe but don’t ruin it for those that are happy and believe, there’s not much happiness in this world and if you can find it hold on while you can and for some of you negative souls that want to take that away from others I find quite selfish….

  2. Hilarious or sad? Both. Think it was Groucho who said, if you can fake sincerity you’ve got it made… and didn’t ‘the artist is present’ pull this stunt at the MOMA in NY…. and have people queuing for days to be ‘seen’. I’d like to see John Clarke come back and do this. That would be worth watching.

  3. Delusional and psychotic most probably, I mean Braco and most of his ‘followers’. But hey, some people need something to believe in, to make sense of it all.
    In a few years Braco will be replaced by another weirdo.

  4. I went with Svetlana in 2012. Howard got insanely jealous of Bra and his alcoholism spun out of control. He tried to take everyone down with him. Bra just is sincere that’s all.s

  5. I understand that many people don t believe in healers…Braco is a real spiritual channel …I also saw his golden aura and light around him …For those who don t believe watch his free livestreaming online on next August…look at his eyes and you will feel peace on your hearts and minds…

  6. I am a spiritual person and I believe in miracles. I saw him in my meditation and search for him and found out he is coming to washington dc and decided to go. It was only $8. When he entered the room i saw a gold and white haloe around his head. Which can be seen in only advanced spiritual beings such as Buddha, Christ etc..
    I don’t usually see auras so I thought to my self wow they are playing with the light to show him Holly:) the session was really nice and you really can feel the pure love. After the session I asked everyone if they see his aura and no one but me saw it. So it wasn’t a light trick. So I must admit I really believe he is a special person and i check the free online gazings time to time. I suggest everyone to just give it a try.

  7. Just found this line on his website: “NEW!!! You can support FREE Streaming in November also via Credit Card! Thanks so much for your contribution!” LoL!

  8. He NEVER speaks. To anyone but his inner circle. Wonder why (wink, wink….) Because…..if he spoke to his sheeple, he may say something stupid/wrong/ordinary/human, which will blow his whole act sky-high and rob him of his easy income. I want his super-power of staring at people who then throw money at me for it! Amazing what the power of belief can do, isn’t it? Also though, most of these people in this video look a bit retarded, so no wonder they fall for his in-your-face scam. Either he laughs himself to sleep every night at the wonder of being able to so easily pull this off, or, he can’t sleep for fear of being found out & exposed as a charlatan. Anyway, I’ve read that to hear his golden voice, one has to buy his dvd……. :’D :’D :’D

  9. I was walking past a new age shop a month ago and saw the flier for this joker in the window, nearly wet myself laughing. Hope he wasn’t gazing on me at the time.

  10. Andrew – you’ve got to be very good looking, and extremely inoffensive.
    You need those eyes that certain woman-understanders have. They really pull in the chicks. But he can’t.
    You need a marketing team that works over already setup lines done by previous New Age gurus – Amma, Osho, The Secret. The 6-lane highway has already been built into people’s limbic world.
    You HAVE to appear sincere. Extremely sincere. Your sales machine must hide any snark or hint of humour – that would ruin it. He knows that he mustn’t do that and must take all of the people in his audience’s needs seriously. Every time. No matter what.

    People will pay because he is a no-risk connection that allows you to connect with him, and really, connect with themselves. Then they can go back to their usual lives of ‘arguement as intimacy’ that they are probably in with their partners.

    Yes, you guys probably should have thought of it before. But you’d have to keep the spiel going on and on and on. One quip, one off-the-record line, and bam! there goes the whole shebang. No wonder he doesn’t drink!

    A bit of a prison really. I wouldn’t want it. But it is making him money I guess. He is a businessperson. And he gets loads of people sending him love.

    Just thoughts based on previous experiences similar to this when I was younger and more suckable.

  11. Got to hand it to him, that’s some scam. If I’d had thought of it I would have dismissed the thought instantly as too silly. Yet here is this bloke actually pulling it off and making money out of it. That’s some amazing gall. And perhaps it’s a measure of my own naivety that I am still amazed at the naivety of others.

  12. Is.. is this an ADVERT?!
    Or a seriously written article about a guy that very specifically doesn’t claim to heal people and people pay to go and be looked at and CLAIM to be healed?

    I’m in the wrong business.. I need to convince people to pay me to look at them.

    unbelievable, on several levels.


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