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The Bodyguard Musical ensemble picks their favourite Whitney covers

Performing songs made famous by Whitney Houston is no easy feat, but that’s just what the cast of The Bodyguard Musical does eight times a week. They’re led by Paulini, who steps into Houston’s shoes and her role, performing a whole stack of the singer’s greatest hits, both from the original 1992 movie and Houston’s extensive catalogue of music.

But who else has taken on the diva’s material and come out on top? Ensemble members from The Bodyguard share their favourite Whitney covers below.

Samantha Bruzzese 

I love Sam Smith’s rendition of How Will I Know as I’m so used to the upbeat sound of that song and he took it to another level with his slow version. The lyrics really stood out for me and I love the emotion he brought to it.

Priscilla Stavrou

This version by John Legend would have to be one of my all time favourite covers of Whitney Houston. I’m a huge fan of him. I love this version as I feel it’s authentic, soulful and his performance is truly honest.

Olivia Vasquez  

I would say Sam Smith’s How Will I Know and Celine Dion’s Greatest Love of All, because they both carry the essence of a Whitney song. Many people just try to copy and paste what they hear when singing a Whitney Houston song, but these two incredible artists have their own twist whilst keeping the spirit of Whitney.

Andrew Hazzard

I love this performance because Ariana brings a modern edge to these amazing Whitney Houston songs. I’m a big fan of Ariana Grande; I think she has such a great voice and I really think she has a super strong and confident attitude … which I respect a lot.

Paulini does both these songs better though ;)

Geoffrey Winter 

I remember this cover Jack Vidgen sang on Australia’s Got Talent and it blew me away just like it did to the judges. So many times I’ve heard covers of this song but not many can give it the power it needs like Whitney. Jack’s tone and endless range are one of the few versions of this song that I love … along with Whitney, Paulini and Emily Williams.

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Featured image by Jeff Busby


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