Picasso, art and #metoo

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Hannah Gadsby excoriated Picasso in her viral Netflix Nanette show: as a misogynist and child abuser (P was 46 when he got with 17-y-o Marie-Therese Walter) his work is disqualified from being celebrated; “genius” is no excuse. A male and institutional blind eye is turned for his (and their) benefit. The excellent Hermitage show at the

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Rick Amor’s beguiling The Tent at Niagara Galleries Melbourne

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Pictures, paintings and art: in contemporary practice these often do not overlap. Rick Amor is one of Australia’s premier painters of pictures: a traditional skills-based realist, with expressionist and surrealist tendencies. His exhibition of recent work includes the memorable painting The Tent. An elephant stands to one side of a big top, which is not

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John Clarke, We Need You More Than Ever

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Vicious, I know, but why isn’t it instead, who’s dead: a liar or hypocrite or spouter of shite? Who will we trust now to pull the rug, unmask the thug and deflate the smug? To call humbug. Nice and slow your straight face told how the world was bent. Your heart was gold well spent,

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