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John Clarke, We Need You More Than Ever

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Vicious, I know, but why isn’t it instead, who’s dead: a liar or hypocrite or spouter of shite? Who will we trust now to pull the rug, unmask the thug and deflate the smug? To call humbug. Nice and slow your straight face told how the world was bent. Your heart was gold well spent,

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W.H. Chong’s favourite books of 2016: art, SFF, classics

Books, Fiction, News & Commentary, Non-Fiction |

What were we reading in 2016? Artist and book cover designer extraordinaire W.H. Chong shares his favourites from the year, throwing a few revisited classics in for good measure. ART The Art of Rivalry by Sebastian Smee. Subtitled “Four Friendships, Betrayals, and Breakthroughs in Modern Art” — how four pairs of exceedingly famous artists influenced

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Why we must maintain PIRs, aka territorial copyright

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PIR or Parallel Import Restrictions is a euphemism of diabolical cunning: hard to remember and incomprehensible. What it means is territorial copyright, a concept we intuitively understand: it protects business and culture, and is the basis of trade. Which is why it is maintained by the UK, US, Canada, most of Europe and Australia. In its draft report on intellectual property

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