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Like a Bat out of Hell – the larger than life story of Meat Loaf book review by Mick Wall

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Meat Loaf’s name and his eventual legacy might forever be tainted in Australia by the inglorious spectacle of his 2011 AFL Grand Final performance. We can blame the AFL for this piece of wishful thinking/lack of intuition about their punters, but around 15 minutes of a badly sung, greatest hits pastiche is apparently all it takes to damage your

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High Voltage: The Life of Angus Young – book review

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Sometimes it’s a blessing to have access to the subject of a bio, especially a celebrity one. Other times, not so much. Stories can be rose tinted, the truth is twisted; they’re only human after all. There’s a lot to like about Jeff Apter’s take on Angus Young: High Voltage, even if he hasn’t had direct access to Young in his research. It’s the first bio

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The Go Betweens: Right Here film review

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Kriv Stenders, the director of the music documentary The Go Betweens: Right Here is a mate of band going back to its beginnings recording out of a Toowong music shop in the late 1970s. This gives him privileged access to all its members, some of whom have not spoken since its bitterly misjudged breakup in 1990. Robert Forster (guitars, vocals) is the surviving

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The Public Image is Rotten film review

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John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten is pretty damn consistent. If you compare just about every interview that’s he’s done, he’s sarcastic, taunting, and angry. And even though he has plainly mellowed since his wild youth, his intolerance of bullshit seems to lurk just below the surface. As a poster boy of both punk and post-punk, Lydon articulated the

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Revolution of Sound: Tangerine Dream film review

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After the caustic soda bath experience of seeing the Melbourne International Film Festival’s Something Quite Peculiar, Revolution of Sound is a return to, well, music documentary formula. This 2017 documentary from German director Margarete Kreuzer is an homage to the late Edgar Froese — the founder and unifying personality behind Germany’s Tangerine Dream (TD) until his death in 2015.

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Does liking Country music make you a Trump fan?

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I’ve been listening to the fine podcast Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell (pictured) over the last few months. Many of the episodes have been head-in-the-hands sad,as he peels apart events or the way we do things. One of his more recent episodes is “King of Tears“ and it’s mainly about Country music. His thesis is this: country music, the songs of poor, white Southern/South-Westerners,

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