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Purging art from public places: it’s not censorship, just contextualising

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Excellent! Manchester Art Gallery has taken down the excruciatingly gorgeous and silly Hylas and the Nymphs painting by pre-Raphaelite artist John William Waterhouse, because of the way it depicts women. Does this mean we can expect a purging of the walls? Down comes Gauguin’s Tahitian Women from the walls of the Met for starters. Manet’s

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Is it normal to get angry?

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Charlotte Wood writes wonderfully well about the avalanche of women’s anger we are currently witnessing. Trying to understand why anger is dangerous, in an essay published in The Guardian, she moves towards a conclusion that seems both right and natural. She suggests that creative people – women in particular, are able to turn anger into

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Curing Affluenza by Richard Denniss book review

Curing Affluenza x
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Those who would like to see less money spent on stuff that’s thrown away, and more spent on education, health and creativity, need to get better at making friends and influencing people. No point in getting angry and shouting, economist Richard Denniss seems to say. His cheerful, pleasant, informative approach will give hope and encouragement

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I wish I’d had a poem like Mango by Ellen van Neerven to write about in my English exam

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Ellen van Neerven’s poem upset some students sitting the NSW Higher School Certificate English exam this week. They were asked “how does the speaker convey delight?” Some were not delighted by the poem, the question or the poet. The ensuing “controversy” may well become a footnote in the history of our Culture Wars. ***  Mango by Ellen

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