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We’ve said it before and sadly, we’re still banging on about it. As tax-payer funded arts companies and organisations devote increasing marketing budgets to Google, Facebook and their own marketing websites, arts journalism is still on a life line. Ironically, last May the Confederation of Australian State Theatre Companies (CAST) wrote an open letter to Fairfax Media asking for it to

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The curious case of sexual harassment at Sydney Theatre Company

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Earlier this month a group of state theatre companies released a joint statement in the wake of the revelations about sexually predatory behaviour in the arts, most notably by producer Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey. Its version of the statement was published on the main page of Sydney Theatre Company’s website under the heading “Sexual Harassment is Unacceptable“. The statement says, “We

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QSO dumps its HR director in ‘restructure’

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The Queensland Symphony Orchestra told its Human Resources director his position would no longer exist on the day Daily Review revealed details of the company’s high staff turnover in the past 21 months and claims by former staff of a “toxic” workplace culture. QSO chairman, Greg Wanchap, confirmed today that the director would leave QSO in the next three months but said it

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QSO Chair and musicians say everything is fine

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In an article on Wednesday, Daily Review reported on a turnover of 27 administrative and management staff at the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. The unusually high turnover is in little more than 18 months which has seen entire departments resign or sacked is revealed in the QSO’s own publications online. Daily Review approached QSO for comment five weeks ago

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Queensland Symphony staff churn prompts claims of a ‘toxic’ work culture

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Twenty-seven  full-time and part-time staff have left Queensland Symphony Orchestra in just 21 months, an unusually high turnover rate for the company which currently lists 26 people on its staff. Many of its staff employed over the last 18 months have not stayed more than six months. Orchestra insiders claim that morale at the QSO is “toxic” and an external

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Brigadoon theatre review (Arts Centre, Melbourne)

Nancye Hayes; Genevieve Kingsford; Rohan Browne
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The best known song from Lerner and Loewe’s Brigadoon (the 1947 Broadway musical that is not all that well-known anymore) is Almost Like Falling in Love. This might be confusing to modern audiences. Almost like falling in love? So, it’s not the real deal then? Maybe if the song was called, Like, Almost Falling in Love it would make more

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The Production Company gives Brigadoon a Game of Thrones makeover

Bri2xgadoon (James Terry Photography)-2051
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You have two and a half weeks to wrangle 22 musicians and 30 performers, create their costumes and construct a set that evokes the Scottish Highlands, circa 1717. Who you ‘gonna call? The non-for-profit outfit The Production Company, that’s who. Philanthropist Jeanne Pratt founded the Melbourne-based company in 1999. It’s dedicated to providing work for

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