Opera Australia chief bars Daily Review

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Opera Australia’s controversial artistic director Lyndon Terracini has lashed out over news coverage of the company in Daily Review by revoking Deputy Editor and critic Ben Neutze’s media tickets. Neutze has not received an invitation for the company’s upcoming Sydney production Two Weddings, One Bride, opening on Saturday, April 29. Yesterday, Daily Review inquired as to whether he would be invited,

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Exclusive: Rachael Azzopardi’s shock exit from Sydney Theatre Company

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Sydney Theatre Company’s director of programming and artistic operations since 2012, Rachael Azzopardi,  left the company suddenly yesterday having been declared redundant. An STC spokesman confirmed to Daily Review that her role was to be absorbed by the company’s artistic director Kip Williams and its executive director Patrick McIntyre. The spokesman said the company was reshaping “the

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David Stratton: A Cinematic Life movie review

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Documentaries about critics are rare — and possibly non-existent in Australia — which makes David Stratton: A Cinematic Life immediately noteworthy. Stratton is probably one of the two most visible critics — of any art form — in Australia, thanks to his three decades of reviewing film on television with his fellow critic Margaret Pomeranz on At the Movies

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Meshel Laurie’s Buddhist approach to break-ups (and breakfast radio)

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Comedian and Buddhist, Meshel Laurie’s new book Buddhism for Break-ups offers sage but humourous advice on how to survive a broken relationship — and thrive. But we’ll get to that in a minute. Firstly, how does Laurie apply Buddhist principles such as calm, clarity and mindfulness to her day job spent in the raucously loud and the competitively cut-throat world of commercial

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Heide Museum hires a new leader as both its director and CEO

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Could Heide Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne be past its recent management upheavals with the appointment of a new leader who does not come from the customary curatorial background? Natasha Cica, the new director and CEO of the museum from April, (currently in Belgrade and “unavailable for interview”) is, according to Heide chairman Steven Scala: “an experienced and effective

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Born Yesterday (MTC Southbank Theatre, Melbourne)

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Did Melbourne Theatre Company artistic director Brett Sheehy foresee something no-one else saw coming six months ago when he programmed Garson Kanin’s 1946 play Born Yesterday to open the night before Donald Trump’s inauguration as US President? The play might be best known for the George Cukor’s 1950 film version with its unforgettable performance by Judy Holliday

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Adam Liaw on Japanese food in the Zen kitchen – a ‘manual for living’

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If you’ve seen cook Adam Liaw on television then you’d know he’s not your usual television chef. He’s not one of the tanned, shouty ones spruiking chain store produce. In his Destination Flavour travel/cooking series on SBS as with his television beginnings as the winner of the 2010 Masterchef,  Liaw presents as an unusual television ‘personality’ because

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