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Why it’s so hard to dump Trump

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Surely Trump’s blown it this time, and we can go back to real life? A life in which the President of the United States is capable of arguing in whole sentences, and has real thoughts rather than explosions straight from the id about “grabbing pussies”, “crooked Hillary”, and “Mexicans are rapists”. But no, it seems no

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Oprah queue-jumps 40 Democratic candidates for President (here’s our guide to the stand-outs)

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In delivering her rousing Golden Globe Awards speech last Sunday, Oprah Winfrey made us ask if being a celebrity is sufficient qualification to be President, or are there experience and skill requirements? Does the President of the USA have to be able to identify all 54 countries in Africa, and be adept at managing a large staff of experts in many fields?

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Sex, drugs and Molly Meldrum: behind the scenes of counter-culture mag Go-Set

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It’s 50 years ago this week since local music magazine Go-Set dragged Aussie music media into pop counter-culture. It launched the careers of many graphic artists, writers and journalists including Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum whose life is the subject of a two-part TV series Molly starring Samuel Johnson (above) beginning on Channel 7 on Sunday, February 7. Go-Set co-founder Phillip Frazer says

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