Some thoughts on Four Corner’s Julian Assange ‘Hero or Villain’

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The recent ABC TV Four Corners two-;part special Hero or Villain: The prosecution of Julian Assange had many serious fails: here are four of them: (1) In almost an hour of reporting, reporter Michael Brissenden barely mentioned the crucial stories Assange published, which were and still are the reason he’s America’s most-wanted: * exposing US interference in the

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Delving into the plagues (and alt-right conspiracy theories) of our times

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Christmas and new year are times to reflect and take stock, so let’s consider what is plaguing the modern world, with the top plague-producers, America. Despite his ranting and twittering about making business great again, the most notable venture Trump-the-Crook has spawned is a vast industry of research, thinking, and hyperventilating about why roughly one in

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