Slave to the rhythm – cracking the secret to the song code

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Peter Farnan, songwriter and founding member of Boom, Crash, Opera, asks if the century-long shift towards tech-enhanced sound production in popular music has minimised the importance of words, melodies and chords.  After you have stripped away the flourishes of performance and production a good song works because of deep, underlying conventions of lyric, melody and accompaniment. A regularly

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How a songwriter (and ex-minor rock star) made an album with no lead singer, identifiable sound, image, or act

Peter Farnan
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Eighteen months ago songwriter, producer and former Boom Crash Opera band member, Peter Farnan, embarked on a new recording project where 12 guest vocalists sing songs written and recorded by him. Farnan’s guests included Paul Kelly, Deborah Conway, Tim Rogers (You Am I), Rebecca Barnard, Sean Kelly (The Models), Sarah Ward (aka Yana Alana), Paul Capsis, Ali Barter, Charles Jenkins, Emily

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Triple J's Hottest 100 of 2015: this is how it feels

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There’s the stats and then there’s the texture. Statistically this is how Triple J’s Hottest 100 compares with last year’s: many more dance grooves, less beards, less folky acoustic guitars, less rock, more electronica, slightly less Australian representation (the ABC claim 54% but I counted 52 Australian artists), and a slightly larger female presence (43

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David Bowie (1947 – 2016): where are we now?

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David Bowie, who died yesterday aged 69, took conventional notions of identity in pop and rock, already long-haired and drug-addled after the 1960s, and hyper-blasted them into orbit, creating an explosion of myriad shapes and possibilities. He was a cultural figure who gave many souls in the 1970s and beyond the permission to explore ‘other

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