War Machine movie review – long live the middle picture

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Will Netflix single-handedly revive the mid-budget movie? These are the sorts of productions veteran filmmakers such as David Lynch, Francis Ford Coppola and John Waters say they can no longer make. Studios nowadays tend to choose between two options: cheap-as-chips flicks that cost a few million dollars, or nine-digit blockbusters usually involving marquee franchises with

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword movie review

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If Warner Bros. hoped British director Guy Ritchie would, with his take on the Arthurian legend, deliver them a snazzy, zeitgeisty and adrenaline-charged Game of the Thrones style hit, boy did they bet on the wrong horse. This hopeless, visionless, mindless, artless, shapeless, senseless, feckless, soulless, lustreless big budget pancake is a bona fide run-for-the-exit

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What ‘Get Out’ says about the media echo chamber

Get Out
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Is the smash-hit horror-comedy Get Out, from debut feature writer/director and enfant terrible Jordan Peele, about racism? I could – and perhaps should – have prefaced those words with “At the risk of sounding like a philistine…” given its reputation as a savagely satirical piece of work precedes it. Anybody who knows anything about the

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‘Casting JonBenet’ film review: an ingenious, instant classic

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How do you make a documentary about a murder case when nobody knows who did it? Filmmakers sometimes put inverted commas around ‘guilty’ and frame their investigations from the perspective of proving a wrongly convicted person innocent, or possibly innocent – recently in the popular Making a Murderer, but more memorably in Errol Morris’ The

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13 reasons not to watch Netflix’s offensive series ’13 Reasons Why’

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Netflix is accustomed to launching watercooler programs: binge-worthy series such as Stranger Things or House of Cards that get tongues wagging. But its controversial new mystery/drama 13 Reasons Why, adapted from a 2007 novel of the same name, is sparking conversation for the wrong reasons. The series tells the story of high school student Hannah

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