Albums of the Decade No 2: 2011

Bon Iver
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Bon iver – bon iver It seems almost impossible to mention Bon Iver without recounting the story behind his debut album, 2007’s For Emma, Forever Ago. Following the break-up of his band and long-term relationship, man retreats to the woods alone and writes and records an entire album alone. The mythology of the album almost seemed to

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The Top 10 Songs of 2018

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Another year, another bumper crop of tunes. But while some years display a discernable shift in musical trends or production styles, 2018 was a year of fragmentation. Great albums were peppered out throughout the year across a broad spectrum of genres.  Drake, George Ezra, Calvin Harris and Ariana Grande were among the familiar names to

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Golden Plains XII music review

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Golden Plains remains one of the quirkiest fixtures on the Australian music festival calendar. Like its big sister festival Meredith, it combines great vibes with great tunes, while adding a dash of the bizarre and eccentric for good measure. However. its slightly shorter running time, smaller crowd size and Labour Day long weekend date, means Golden

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Game of Thrones -The Dragon and the Wolf review

dragonx and wolf
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*** WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD *** As the final episode approached, Game of Thrones felt like it was slowly descending into an abyss of illogical inconsistencies and apparent disregard for the audience’s intelligence. After delivering a string of good episodes, culminating in the breath-takingly brilliant The Spoils of War, the previous two episodes threatened to destroy

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Game of Thrones – Beyond the Wall review

beyond the wall
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*** WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD *** As Game of Thrones continues its drift into bullish, blockbuster bravado, Beyond the Wall is the greatest example yet of its polarisation of viewer responses. As an hour-plus slice of action entertainment, it’s a wonderful fist-pumping rollercoaster of emotions, but as a work of storytelling it’s a complete and utter mess.

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Game of Thrones – Eastwatch episode review

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WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD As Game of Thrones continues its race against the clock to wrap up its narrative, it’s becoming increasingly clear what kind of show it has morphed into. Last week was a brilliant showcase of what it can do better than any other TV show has before. But Eastwatch is an inelegant instalment

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