You should’ve been there: Glastonbury 2019

sigrid xx- the other stage - photo credit Alison Martyn
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Daily Review music writer Jacob Robinson and photographer Alison Martyn were there last weekend There is no more famous or important festival in music than Glastonbury. The festival is not only the biggest in the world, it is also the most storied. Casting an eye across the festival’s history is to gaze on the history of contemporary

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Albums of the decade No. 3 – 2012

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Jacob Robinson continues his look back at the albums of this decade. See his Albums of 2010 and 2011 HERE alt-J – An Awesome Wave Few bands step as effortlessly to the pointy end of the music world as alt-J. Like any other UK alternative rock band with arty pretensions, they were hailed upon the release

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Albums of the Decade No 2: 2011

Bon Iver
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Bon iver – bon iver It seems almost impossible to mention Bon Iver without recounting the story behind his debut album, 2007’s For Emma, Forever Ago. Following the break-up of his band and long-term relationship, man retreats to the woods alone and writes and records an entire album alone. The mythology of the album almost seemed to

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