Tristan and Isolde review (WASO, Perth)

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Tristan und Isolde, Stuart Skelton, Gun-Brit Barkmin, Ekaterina Gubanova, Boaz Daniel, Ain Anger, WA Symphony Orchestra, Asher Fisch, Perth Concert Hall, August 16 and 19 Since becoming Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor of WASO in 2014, Asher Fisch has been assiduously cultivating the orchestra’s sound and profile and ambitiously extending its repertoire and programming. A

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Perth Festival reviews: Nassim, Far Side of the Moon, William Yang, Jude Kelly, Vessel, White Spirit, The Second Woman, You Know We Belong Together

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The performances, talks and conversations I’ve attended or participated in over the last two weeks of the Festival (which closed at the weekend) have raised lots of questions for me about the relationship between art and life. The eponymous title of Iranian playwright Nassim Souleimanpour’s play Nassim suggests that it may (or may not) be

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Six Perth Festival visual arts reviews

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Lisa Reihana, Emissaries; Zadok Ben-David, Human Nature; Pilar Mata Dupont, Undesirable Bodies; Christopher Charles, Banjawarn; Kimsooja, Sewing/Walking and Zone of Nowhere: Most of the Festival works I’ve engaged with this week have awakened my sense of place. This is an especially fragile and contested question for white Australians generally, white Western Australians in particular, and

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Perth Festival reviews: Barbershop Chronicles, Il n’est pas encore minuit, Hand Stories, Katrina Ballads, Farewell to Paper, To A Simple Rock’n’Roll…Song

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A festival is at once a communal act of celebration and of commemoration. The Dionysiad was a celebration of the God’s gifts and a commemoration of his dismemberment and rebirth; the Last Supper was a celebration of the Passover and an anticipation of Christ’s imminent sacrifice; and every Feast Day is held in honour of

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Perth Festival reviews: Siren Song, Beyond Time, Repatriate, Museum of Water, Attractor

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Actor, writer and regular Daily Review contributor, Humphrey Bower has been engaged by the Perth Festival as a “Festival Navigator“. He navigates its first week of performances below.  The opening ceremony Gnarnk-Ba Karla Waarnginy (‘Speaking Fires of our Mother’) took place at the west end of St George’s Terrace: hardly the most obviously scenic spot, despite

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Four reviews from the Jerome Bel ‘festival’ in Paris: witty, provocative and deliberately boring

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‘Portrait: Jérôme Bel’, Autumn Festival, Paris: ‘Disabled Theatre’, ‘Pichet Klunchun and Myself’, ‘The Show Must Go On’, ‘Un Spectacle en moins’ The Autumn Festival in Paris runs from September through December each year, staging contemporary dance, theatre, music and exhibitions in venues across the city and surrounding suburbs in the Île de France. The most

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