Postcard from Dance Massive 2019 (Melbourne)

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Humphrey Bower reviews the following shows from Dance Massive held at various venues in Melbourne, March 12-24: Luke George and Collaborators, Public Actions Atlanta Eke, The Tennis Piece Stephanie Lake, The Skeleton Tree Marrugeku, Le Dernier Appel/The Last Cry Joel Bray, Biladurang Russell Dumas, Cultural Residues 2020  * How can dance intervene in the world? And

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Postcard from Adelaide Festival: text-based theatre reviews

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Humphrey Bower reviews intimate, text-based theatre from the Adelaide Festival  (February 28-March 15, 2019): Bertrand Lesca/Nasi Voutsas’ Palmyra Brian Lipson/Gideon Obarzanek’s, Two Jews Walk into a Theatre Traverse Theatre Company’s, Ulster America Teatro Nacional D. Maria II,’s By Heart Bagryana Popov/La Mama’s Uncle Vanya * As mentioned in my previous Postcard from Adelaide, the social and political themes of masculinity, racism,

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Adelaide Festival: epic and intimate text-based theatre

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Humphrey Bower reviews text-based theatre from the Adelaide Festival  (February 28-March 15, 2019): Belvoir/Co-Curious’ ‘Counting and Cracking’ Young Vic/Isango Ensemble’s ‘A Man of Good Hope’ Verbatim Theatre Group’s ‘Manus’ Milo Rau’s ‘La Reprise’ *** As mentioned in my previous Postcard from Adelaide (on music, dance, physical and visual theatre), the big social and political themes that recurred for me at

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Postcard from Adelaide Festival #1: music and movement

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In his first postcard from the Adelaide Festival, Humphrey Bower looks at: Paul Kelly, James Ledger, Seraphim Trio, Alice Keith, 13 Ways to Look at Birds; Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Mozart/Schubert/Bruckner; Robyn Archer, Picaresque; Meryl Tankard, Two Feet; Johan Inger/Semperoper Ballett Dresden, Carmen; Luciano Rosso/Alfonso Barón, Un Poyo Rojo; Gravity and Other Myths, Out of Chaos;

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Postcard from the Perth Festival #4: The imported and the home-grown

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In his final round-up of the 2019 Perth Festival Humphrey Bower writes of a glaring discrepancy between local and imported work as he reviews:  Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey’s Five Short Blasts The British Paraorchestra’s The Nature of Why Danny Braverman’s Wot? No Fish!! Ursula Martinez’ Free Admission and A Family Outing – 20 Years On Dickie Beau’s Re-Member Me The Last

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Postcard from Perth Festival 2019: Lang Toi, One Infinity

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Nouveau Cirque de Vietnam, Lang Toi; Gideon Obarzanek, One Infinity Lang Toi: My Village is a contemporary circus work about traditional Vietnamese village life created and directed by Vietnamese juggler Tuan Le in collaboration with French-born but Vietnam-raised brothers and co-creators Nguyen Nhat Ly (who is also musical director) and Nguyen Lân Maurice (Artistic Director)

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