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House Rules: is it an existentialist drama to make you doubt the very point of living?

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Your reviewer has not been gifted of especially fine cultural taste. For instance, she is tremendously fond of Foxtel’s Australia’s Next Top Model, not at all fond of the ABC’s sophisticated lifestyle offerings, and is wont to talk about herself in the unfashionable third person for almost entire paragraphs. All of which is to say, my

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Superheroes at GOMA: is this exhibition art, or just a social document?


In a good Fairfax piece this week reporting on a new pop-culture exhibition, Queensland journalist Andrew Stafford spoke with its curator. The work of Amanda Slack-Smith, and of many filmmakers and comic book artists, has attracted not just local media interest, but that of those abroad. The Hollywood Reporter welcomes the high-brow attention to superheroes

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